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Restore Datashred News

Remote working how to stay compliant

With so many people now working from home, we can help you stay compliant with secure data destruction.

It’s the new acronym – Working From Home – and many of you are navigating new ways of working and being productive, supporting your families and the economy. Restore Datashred can help you remain compliant, too.

Commercial Shredding

Don’t drown in paper, media or textiles. If you’ve got volume to dispose of responsibly, we can help.

Do you recognise yourself in one of these scenarios?

–> Your organisation has fully embraced the digitisation process and now has reams of paper to destroy.
–> A large case from the past has finally reached its retention deadline and now you have boxes and boxes of obsolete documents on your hands, taking up valuable off-site storage space…

–> You’ve reached the end of a campaign and you have mountains of collateral to dispose of.

–> You work in a factory setting, such as a confidential print works, and the overs or cuttings must be securely destroyed.

–> And, finally, textiles. Clothing donated to charities that is unsuitable because it is damaged or soiled can amount to tonnes of textiles.