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Restore Datashred News

Secure On-site, Off-site & Hard Drive and Media Shredding

Shredding your confidential data safe and securely.

Restore Datashred is one of the UK’s leading secure shredding services providers. We have a nationwide network of specialised shredding centres, a 160-strong fleet of collection and mobile shredding vehicles, and an annual shredding capacity of 100,000 tonnes for paper, plastics and textiles. But why – and what – should you be shredding in the first place?


10 things about Restore Datashred we’d like you to know…

Of course, we have LOTS of things we’d like you to know about us, things that help us stay in our position as a leading provider of secure destruction services in the UK. But our task here today is to remind you of all the solid accreditations, standards and responsible activities we have achieved and continue to maintain that support those services, actions that offer our customers reduced risk and complete peace of mind.

Paper Shredding Taken Seriously

Paper shredding is not a new concept. However, due to the advanced methods and extra security taken around it, paper shredding as we now know it, is the best it has ever been. Whether onsite shredding, off-site shredding, confidential shredding, or general paper shredding, our company can deal with all things concerning paper destruction.