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Confidential Shredding & The Environment

Are you in need of confidential shredding but are concerned about the impact to the environment? Restore are a recycling business that cares passionately about the environment and the company’s impact on it. 

How does Restore Limit the environmental impact of confidential shredding? 

Our confidential shredding services at Restore have been evolved and developed to reduce the impact on the environment and help businesses reduce their carbon footprint when working with us.  

We minimise the impact that confidential shredding and our other recycling services have on the environment in a number of ways, these include:

  • Using low emission vehicles when collecting your waste.
  • Keeping our mileage down because we are local to our clients.
  • Recycling 95% of the paper that we collect.
  • Disposing of anything that isn’t recycling in an environmentally responsible manner and in a way that is in line with the Department of the Environment’s guidelines and legislation.
  • Continually investing in the best possible processes to separate, treat and recycle waste.
  • Committing to continually reduce our energy usage and our carbon emissions 

Not only do we help you dispose of confidential documents, we also help you recycle uniforms, ID’s, storage media, IT and office equipment, and when any IT equipment is incinerated, electricity is created from it. 

If you would like more information about how Restore’s confidential shredding services minimise the impact on the environment and the steps we take to reduce the effects our processes have on the planet, contact us on: 0333 220 9650 to speak to one of our team.