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Confidential shredding to clear your office out this January
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Confidential shredding to clear your office out this January

If you would like to dispose of the sensitive and confidential information that your company has accumulated from its employees and colleagues in a safe, secure and permanent manner, then Restore’s confidential Shredding service is the service you need.


We can offer you the confidential shredding service to safely and securely dispose of this information. You have a number of options with this service.


You have the choice of on-site confidential shredding which is where one of our mobile shredding vehicles will come to your premises and will shred all your documents there in front of you. They will then issue you a certificate of destruction once completed.

The off-site shredding service includes either our experts coming to collect all the documents at once and take them to our secure shredding facility in sealed containers or we can drop off secure lockable containers which you can put the documents into and we can arrange a regular collection to be taken to the destruction facility where it will be destroyed. After this process is complete at our facility, you will receive a certificate of destruction.

Once the files and paperwork are shredded beyond recognition or recovery, they will be recycled and you will receive a certificate of recycling.


Unsure What To Shred?

Our experienced team can provide you with advice on which documents to shred as well as whether there are other services from Restore that would suit you better, such as our document scanning services, if you wish to have access to the document in the future but want to dispose of it in its physical form.


If you would like to schedule a confidential shredding service collection or would like to find out more about this or other services that Restore have to offer, then contact us on: 0333 220 9118.