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Maintaining the integrity of your exam processes

Exam season has been a little different this year

If you’re reading this as the parent or guardian of school or university-age offspring you’ll have been mopping up the fall-out of cancelled or online exams for several months now. With the shocking announcement in mid-March that all GCSE, AS and A level exams were cancelled and that all end-of-year and final under- and post-graduate exams and projects were being delivered digitally, the focus has – of course – been on how the students themselves feel and how they will progress on to the next stages of their lives with their qualifications or ‘passports’ seemingly radically undermined.

Don’t leave your employees to their own devices

Rises in personal device use at work is putting sensitive company data at risk

With a rise in personal device use over the last decade, many employees are using their own laptops, phones and tablets for work. This BYOD (bring your own device) culture is putting companies at serious risk of losing important or sensitive data. This has gained greater prominence since the introduction of COVID-19 related working from home policies.