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Data Destruction Services ideal for businesses

Are you looking for someone to destroy your confidential data safely and effectively? Here at Restore Document Management we are able to destroy confidential data for your business, allowing you to have peace of mind that your private company information has been disposed of correctly.

You may be asking yourself “What specific data destruction services can Restore offer me?”
We can offer you a range of data and document destruction services including software wiping, degaussing and physical destruction to ensure that you are always in control of your data and other media.

Software wiping

  • Here at Restore we are able to permanently remove any of your software to military and government levels meaning you can be sure that your information has been destroyed successfully.



  • Do you need data removing from your magnetic storage such as hard drives? We are able to effectively remove your data, audio files or videos.

Physical Destruction



  • We are able to break down your hardware or other devices so that your data is destroyed effectively. However we still recycle the materials used such as glass, metal or plastic meaning nothing ever goes to waste!

  • Is your equipment or software too large to send over to us?
    We make it easy for you by coming to your workplace, meaning there is nothing for you to transport. We are able to offer you this option as we have portable CESG-approved destruction equipment so we can carry out degaussing, software wiping and physical destruction on a range of media types. We also use the safest data removal software and hardware to remove all the content from your system!

    Are you interested in our data and document destruction services? Contact us here at Restore on 01462 813132 to find out how we can help. Alternatively visit our website now to find out about the range of services we have available and what is best suited to your business needs.