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Destroying the top 5 data security myths


As one of the UK’s leading shredding companies and providers of confidential document shredding services, we’re always destroying sensitive data. However, we thought we’d take a break from destroying documents to destroy the top 5 data security myths.

MYTH: I can dispose of my documents without the need to shred them

It’s not enough to just simply get rid of your documents, even if you tear them up into smaller pieces by yourself. As outlined by UK legislation surrounding Data Protection, simply destroying your documents by ripping them up is not sufficient. In order to ensure complete compliance and to secure full peace of mind, you should use an accredited shredding company.

MYTH: The way I store my documents doesn’t matter as long as I eventually shred them

Aside from the way in which you dispose of your documents, it’s also very important that you’re storing them safely too. If you’re leaving documents lying around on your desk, you’re leaving yourself open to risk. Whilst shredding your documents will protect you in the end, you need to ensure your data is protected with secure storage up until the point where you are ready to destroy it.

MYTH: I’m 100% sure that all of my employees know exactly what counts as “confidential”

More often than not, it’s human error that leads to a data breach. You shouldn’t just assume that your colleagues know exactly what constitutes as sensitive data. It’s important that any employees are properly trained and educated in order to minimise the risk of them merely throwing confidential waste into the bin or leave it hanging around.

MYTH: If I digitally remove data from my hard drive then it is permanent

It’s surprising what can be recovered from your hardware. So many people are under the impression that removing the data they no longer need from their computer is enough, yet this isn’t the case. It’s vital that data is unrecoverable, which means destroying the hard drive, instead of just simply erasing the data. Secure hardware destruction is a service that we provide both on-site and off-site.

MYTH: I only need to worry about my paperwork

As we’ve already stated, effectively destroying hard drives is just as important as shredding your confidential documents. But there are also so many more things that need to be destroyed. For example, if your staff wear uniforms then these need to be destroyed to ensure that no other person can impersonate your staff and cause reputational risk to your company. It’s also important that ID cards are destroyed to reduce the risk of identity fraud.