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Do You Need a Shred on Site Service?
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Do You Need a Shred on Site Service?

In some industries, it can be difficult to avoid using hard copy documents during your day to day business operations.


While many businesses can operate with a completely paper-free office, there are some instances where hard copies are needed and this means that you will still have the responsibility to ensure that any sensitive data that your paperwork contains is protected.


Keeping hard copies of your paperwork secure to prevent any criminal activities taking place, such as fraud or identity theft, is a lot more difficult for those businesses that are more familiar with keeping digital information safe.


We can put in place very effective high-quality protective measures to keep our digital data safe, yet quite often company managers will overlook the risks posed by keeping physical files and documentation.


Simply keeping your paper-based files locked away in a filing cabinet or storeroom is often not enough to prevent a burglar from breaking in and stealing your valuable sensitive information.


Scanning and electronic storage

Most companies that still handle a lot of paperwork are now encouraged to digitalise their paperwork through a system of scanning and electronic storage. This means that once you have made a digital copy of your paperwork for your records, there really is no further need to keep a duplicate backup copy on paper.


Disposing of your archived scanned paperwork can be a very cathartic process. Getting all of your paper-based documentation digitised can give you a great sense of reassurance.


Having an office or storeroom full of filing cabinets used to be the only way companies kept their business records. However, these days it makes much more sense to keep digital copies and get rid of all of your old archived files.


Extra floor space options

Just think of all the floor space that you can free up by scanning your paper-based files and creating a set of digital records instead! There are a lot of companies that pay a hefty price for office rent and enough floor space to accommodate their filing cabinets.


By getting rid of your paper files and cabinets you can free up plenty of floor space that could be put towards more productive use. While occupied by filing cabinets your floor space is unproductive space that is a drain on your finances.


Wouldn't you rather use that floor space more productively? By freeing up space you will have more elbow room for your staff. You could use the extra space to accommodate new employees with a desk or work station. This would be a much cheaper option than to move to larger office premises just to be able to fit in more staff.


Freedom from clutter

For those company managers that want to move towards a more lean approach to running your business, then it makes sense to de-clutter your working space as much as is possible. This can mean being able to operate from much smaller and cheaper office premises when you are being charged rent by the floor space used.


The face of the workplace is evolving and these days more and more companies are looking to maximise their available workspace. This will often mean more flexible use of office space to include hot-desks or communal workplaces where people can gather together to work and share ideas in a co-working style layout.


Being restricted by large filing cabinets that can often cut off or isolate workers from each other and can make for a pretty lonely working atmosphere, which isn't good for workers' mental health and well-being. By freeing yourself of your bulky space-grabbing filing cabinets you can make your office spaces more open, bright and welcoming.


Secure shred on-site services from Restore Datashred

Once you have taken the sensible decision to digitise your company paperwork, then you will need to securely dispose of your old scanned files and paper documentation.


However, just because your business information has now been scanned doesn't mean your paperwork has become worthless. Don't forget that now your paper-based files have become redundant to you because they still contain sensitive data they can still prove very valuable to criminals.


You still have a legal responsibility to prevent thieves from obtaining any sensitive data and using it for criminal activities. To ensure that your redundant paperwork doesn't fall into the wrong hands you should ensure that your paperwork gets securely disposed of through having it shredded on-site on your own premises or off-site at a secure shredding facility.


Luckily, Restore Datashred offers business owners a secure shred on-site option to safely dispose of confidential documents.


On-Site Paper Shredding Services with on-site document shredding

With Restore Datashred, you can schedule a convenient date for us to come to your business premises and securely shred your redundant files.


This involved driving our state of the art mobile shredding vehicle to your location where we can park up and perform our shredding services right in front of your eyes. What could be a better way to guarantee the final destruction of your company documentation where you can watch every step of the operation and witness the complete destruction of your paperwork for yourself.


Our fully qualified, experienced and vetted security team will carefully collect your company documentation from your offices and storerooms and feed them directly into the jaws of our mobile shredding vehicle.


Collecting together your confidential documents for shredding

You can be rest assured that the whole collection and disposal service has been well thought through taking account of every detail of the process. We can supply you with an extensive range of Secure Bins, Secure Consoles/Cabinets and Security Sacks & Ties to collect together all of your confidential documents.


Our secure collection cabinets can be a real help for when you are going through the process of digitally scanning all of your stored paperwork. You can simply place your scanned documents into our secure documents storage cabinets as you work through your filing cabinets and storerooms.


If you require any help or advice selecting a collection and storage product that is right for your needs please contact us.


Eco-friendly confidential documents disposal

Once you have personally watched your shredding taking place, there will be left-over documents of shredded paper that much resembles confetti. You will be able to see with your own eyes that what is left of your shredded documents will not be of the slightest use to any want-to-be data thief.


After we complete the shredding operation we will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction. This means that you have legitimate proof that you took the correct steps to securely dispose of your confidential documents in accordance with all current Data Protection Laws.


Your certificate of destruction will also serve as an end to your paper trail for company auditing purposes.


You don't need to worry about the ecological or environmental impact of your paper documents either!


We will take away the shredded pieces and deposit them in our recycling facility. We work with many partner organisations that make good use of the documents left over from our shredding services. This means that your leftover documents will be recycled into products and materials that can be used again meaning that by using our services you will not be adding to the amount of commercial documents going into landfill.


So you can see that booking our on-site document shredding is a secure, cost-effective, and convenient way to properly dispose of your sensitive documents.


What about non-paper shredding?

There are many companies that produce branded products for business use. These can include non-paper-based items such as branded uniforms and workwear, business cards, product samples that contain company logos and branding, staff ID cards, key-cards and laminated display materials and banners.


Sometimes not much thought is given to these items and they are simply disposed of in the standard weekly company rubbish collection. Doing this can be a big mistake because a lot of business products that are thrown away can be of great value to criminals.


Worst case scenario – if you were to throw away some old security staff uniform that bears your company logo, criminals could retrieve these items and use them to pose as company employees.


They could then misrepresent your business, gain entry to your premises to steal sensitive information or to steal valuable tools and equipment.


To prevent the risk of this happening you should treat your physical products in the same secure manner as your paperwork when it comes to disposing of it at the end of its useful life.


Restore Datashred mobile shredding vehicles will be able to come out to you and shred on site all of these items so they will be prevented from leaving your premises intact and in one piece. This will ensure that no-one will be able to use your company apparel or other materials for criminal purposes.


Research and Design security

The whole way through the research and design process of creating a new product will leave you with prototype samples and modified product designs that will be of no further use to your plans as your product goes through development.


However, these items could prove very valuable to your direct competitors should any of your early designs fall into their hands. This is why it makes good business sense to cover your R&D tracks by securely disposing of your mock-ups, product designs and packaging designs to prevent your competition from stealing your idea and bringing their own version to market earlier.


We can also help you dispose of any fake goods bearing your brand name that has been seized by the law. We can securely shred on-site items such as:


·         Uniforms, ID badges and passes

·         Marketing material headed paper and business cards

·         Faulty products, damaged goods and production run-ons

·         Prototypes and product samples

·         Fake CDs and DVDs

·         Counterfeit products

·         Fake clothing, handbags and accessories


Redundant product destruction

It is not only your R&D work that needs to be protected at all costs. All your company products will have a natural shelf life, plus the fact that during the manufacturing process you are bound to find stock items that carry faults or don't meet your standards.


By far the best way to protect your brand and your reputation are to securely dispose of your redundant products rather than risk them being sold on as 100% branded items.


This is where Restore Datashred can help you. We can come out to your business premises and securely shred your redundant or faulty branded goods to prevent them from reaching the market. We can then deal with the resulting documents by sorting it into raw materials that can then be recycled into new products and materials to be used over again.


There will be absolutely nothing recognisable left from your shredded materials. This helps to protect your brand reputation and company integrity.


Whether you have paper-based company documentation to securely dispose of, or you would like us to come out to your premises to shred on site your redundant business products, our expert team is here to help!


We also offer secure off-site shredding services for business premises that don't have the available space to accommodate our mobile shredding vehicle.


You can contact our friendly team to discuss your on-site shredding needs or get a quick quote for your shredding requirements.