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Document Shredding to Organise Your Office in Preparation for the New Year

December is progressing and the New Year will be here before we know it, so it would be nice to start fresh without the clutter and disorganisation of overflowing filing cabinets and storage areas. If you have already used a document scanning service to store all the important documentation that you need easy access to, then you are halfway there. Now the question is; How do we dispose of the rest of it? The answer is with Document Shredding Services from Restore.


Why Should I Consider Document Shredding?

In order to protect the confidentiality of your customers, employees and colleagues paperwork, containing sensitive information, it needs to be disposed of correctly and securely to ensure that your company’s security is not threatened and that you are adhering to the law.


What Does Restore’s Document Shredding Service Consist Of?

You can ring up our customer service team and speak directly to one of our dedicated staff members. We will arrange a free onsite audit to gain an insight into the types of documentation that you wish to shred.


You can choose between on site shredding or off site shredding. If you choose onsite, then one of our team will go through the process of shredding your documents there and then on your company’s premises using one of our secure document shredding vehicles. If you choose offsite, we can provide you with secure containers to deposit your documents in. We will then collect these either upon request or at regularly scheduled intervals.

All paperwork that is collected will be deposited in secure and sealed containers until they reach one of our secure and environmentally friendly destruction facilities where it will be destroyed and then recycled beyond any recognisable form.


To find out more about our document shredding options, our scanning service, or our document storage service to ensure that your office is organised in readiness for the year ahead, then contact us today on: 0333 220 1380.