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Happy Halloween from Restore Datahred
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Happy Halloween from Restore Datahred

Beware the shredder!

If remote working means your offices are being infrequently visited, we bet the spiders are running riot and the dust festooning your piles of files, and as for ancient archive boxes housed in deep, dark storage – let’s not even go there (too many ghosts under the lids!).

If you’re after some no-nonsense box busting, we’ve got the teams and we’ve definitely got the shredding equipment on site and in our mobile shredding trucks that will send chills back down those spiders’ spines (if they had spines…)!

Simply give us a call on XYZ and chat through what you need: a regular collection from your office, a one-off massive sort-out collection, irregular collections from your remote workers, or our incredibly useful Home Shred box service. Whatever you need, we can get our sharp-knived grim shredders working on the case quickly, easily (and safely!).

Restore Datashred: we take the horror out of sorting your confidential paper and digital waste. Snip, snip!