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Healthcare Health Check
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Healthcare Health Check

With space at a premium for providing clinical services, we know that the pressure is on to keep patient records, confidential staff records and digital media assets closely managed and moved on through their full lifecycle, in accordance with established retention and disposal policies.

Whether that information is stored in hospital archives or in dedicated secure off-site storage, making sure your data is protected from start to finish in the disposal and shredding process is essential, for your patients, your staff and your reputation. GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 only serve to reinforce the importance of security at all stages of the data’s lifespan.

Working with a sector-experienced preferred supplier, like Restore Datashred, reaps rewards in saving time and money. We can set up a schedule of regular collections for general paper waste, which you can store securely between times in our lockable cabinets or bins.

Equally, for larger, less regular collections – such as clearing out archive space now destined to become an operating suite, or destroying paper documents that have been scanned as part of the big NHS push for complete digitisation – we will meet your expectations of total compliance and efficiency with friendliness and speed.

So here’s an idea for this month.
Why not give your information management a health check? You know, take itspulse, listen to its heart and lungs so that we can prescribe you a cure – by using Restore Datashred’s scheduled or ad hoc services. Is there a doctor in the house?!

Data Compliance Health CheckHealth checklist
1. Your Retention and Disposal Policy: how up-to-date is it and does everyone use it correctly?
2. On-site security: how do you store paper and other valuable data safely before collection for shredding?
3. On-site shredding: are you still spending valuable time using in-house shredding?
4. Trust: who collects your paper and digital media assets for shredding? How secure is that collection process?
5. Traceability: how easy is it for you to guarantee a specific document’s destruction, especially with GDPR compliance as a key concern?
6. Transparency: can you guarantee patient record and data security, accessibility and erasability?
7. How green is your ‘green initiative’? Restore Datashred ensure that we adopt a zero landfill ensuring that all material is recycled.

Restore Datashred’s ‘cures’

Solution 1. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you update your policy and train your clinical and administrative teams in the absolute necessity of compliance

Solution 2. Our range of well-designed, lockable secure cabinets, consoles and bins are available at

Solution 3. Outsource your document shredding to one of our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles. Their start-to-finish process will be carried out on your premises and is totally secure – from the moment the bins are collected to the moment their contents hit the shredding blades. For added confidence in our service, you can be present throughout

Solution 4. All our secure collection operatives are trained and security vetted to BS 7858, with no exceptions. They ensure that the collection of bins and sacks is prompt, efficient and kept completely confidential – no prying eyes and no dropped pieces of paper, discs or USBs, for example

Solution 5. All our collections and services are GPS tracked and monitored electronically. This means that we can prove, on your behalf, a secure audit trail for a specific document and will always promptly supply a certificate of destruction at the end of the process

Solution 6. GDPR compliance is crucial, whatever type of document you deal with. The ‘right to be erased’ means being able to prove a clear, safe path from data capture, through storage and to shredding – so that you can demonstrate to any individual that data protection and the ability to erase them from your entire system on request is a top priority for you

Solution 7. We aim for 0% landfill and, along with our own energy-saving initiatives and use of green energy, can really give you something to shout about. We provide an Environmental Report that shows how much energy, water and woodland you have saved by choosing responsible, secure data shredding.

Our credentials
· Restore Datashred is serious about security – we are BS EN15713:2009 accredited, so your assets will be treated with the respect they deserve
· We are the only data shredding business in the UK with the ServiceMark award from the Institute of Customer Service
· We are a preferred supplier to over 50% of NHS trusts and hospitals

We offer cost-effective, compliant services tailored to your organisation’s needs, whether on- or off-site, regular or one-off. Why not contact one of our knowledgeable, friendly customer service team on 0800 376 4422 to set up a meeting with a Restore Datashred account manager?