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How Do Shred On Site Services Work?
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How Do Shred On Site Services Work?


Businesses generate more data than ever and a lot of this is in paper form.  Even as we try to print less, there are times when only a paper document will do.  And then there are other important documents to shred as well as branded goods. Rather than having to spend time doing this yourself, many businesses are using shred on site services to handle it for them.  But how does this work?


How it works

The idea is simple – you work with a specialist in data shredding who visit the property with speciality equipment and handle the shredding of all confidential paperwork and branded items.  This means that your staff can simply store all of this paperwork in a pre-defined way to save them time and then the company can handle the shredding to a standard that ensures no-one can ever reassemble the paperwork.

Restore, for example, use top of the range vehicles that shred the paperwork to the same standard required by the government for its paperwork.  Our vehicles can shred up to two tonnes per hour and are available 24 hours a day, so we can visit the property at times when there are no customers around.


Why shred your paperwork?

The most important reason to shred is simple – you are legally obliged to do it.  All companies have a responsibility to ensure that the personal data of customers and staff is protected and any paperwork that may contain this needs to be shredded.  This also applies to information storage, so security is needed to protect the computer systems that hold this information.

On-site shredding offers a cost-effective way to handle documents and to be certain they are shredded correctly to comply with the regulations. It also means you don’t need to store shredding equipment in the business and have staff take time out of their day to do it.

At Restore Datashred we take the security of your data very seriously. Get in touch to find out more about our on-site shredding service.