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How our Data Shredding Services can help Your Business
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How our Data Shredding Services can help Your Business

What is the purpose of data shredding?

Data shredding is of crucial importance for business owners looking to safely dispose of old computer hard drives and unwanted paperwork. Throwing out or recycling an old hard drive without first taking the necessary steps to destroy all of the data left on the drive can be incredibly risky for your company.

It is the same for your paper-based files too. It does not matter that they have reached the end of their useful life. The data recorded on them is still of a sensitive and confidential nature that will need completely destroying to render them unreadable.

You cannot simply dispose of your old hard drives or paperwork in your normal rubbish or recycling collection service. Should your device or paperwork end up in the wrong hands, your data could be accessed – including confidential financial information and personal details about your clients and employees, and used for criminal activity such as identity fraud.

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to ensure you follow good business practices through secure data destruction and shredding procedures. Not doing so could leave you exposed to data breaches and risk landing you with many legal and ethical issues.


Confidential Data ShreddingHow Restore Datashred can help

Our professional services can help your organisation to securely destroy any data left on your old redundant hard drives and to safely dispose of any unwanted business paperwork.

With regard to your old hard drive and computer disks, simply removing the data by wiping the discs isn't thorough enough because the data may still be recoverable. This is why the complete destruction of your hard drives and disks will ensure that there is zero chance of a data breach occurring.


Why is business Data Destruction so important?

Secure data destruction procedures help to protect a business from data breaches that could potentially damage the company so severely that they may never recover. This can often result in the business folding, and many job losses occurring as a consequence.

Should a business carelessly discard their paperwork and hard drives without first destroying the data they carry, then they put themselves at risk of failing to adhere to current data protection laws, which can lead to serious penalties being imposed on the company by law. This can mean legal action, hefty fines of up to 4% of global turnover or 20,000,000 Euros, whichever is greater and severe damage to your business reputation and good standing.

This is why it is so important to demonstrate good business practice by having data disposal procedures in place that ensures all spent hard drives, data storage devices and paperwork is properly disposed of by a professional company such as Restore Datashred.


How do you destroy a hard drive?

Restore Datashred destroy hard drives very effectively through our hard drive shredding service. We offer our clients a nationwide on-site hard drive shredding service through our fleet of mobile shredding vehicles, which can process up to 20 hard drives per minute.

Your hard drives will need to be removed from the PC or server it is housed in, as well as any other protective casings. You can then witness for yourself the safe and thorough destruction of your data storage device on your own premises through the use of one of our mobile industrial-level shredders. After destruction, we can remove the waste material and take back to one of our secure Datashred depots to be recycled.

By using our datashred services, you can be rest assured that none of your important data will be accessible. This will protect your business from data breaches, keep your business compliant with current Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and protect your valuable business reputation.


What is on site paper shredding?

With ID fraud on the rise, it is even more crucial that business owners keep a tight hold on their company paperwork, especially files that contain sensitive information about their clients and financial information. This is why an ever-increasing number of businesses want to oversee the whole data destruction process for their redundant paperwork.

Restore Datashred offer business owners a perfect solution with our on site data shredding services. You can have great peace of mind knowing that none of your confidential business paperwork or company records will leave your premises intact. You can witness for yourself the complete destruction of your old and unwanted data safe in the knowledge that there is zero risk involved of any sensitive data escaping your watch.


How can I secure my confidential paperwork?

When your business generates paperwork containing sensitive data that cannot be disposed of in normal waste services, then you will need to securely store it until you have enough volume to justify having it securely disposed of. But how you store your business confidential waste is also very important.

An average sized business will generate enough confidential waste to need a regular secure data shredding service, but keeping your paperwork safe, secure and out of criminal hands in the meantime between shredding appointments is also an added worry. However, Restore Datashred has this covered too. We can supply your business with the following secure storage options:

Security Cabinets : For storing confidential waste on-site with an A4 sized slot for documents. Confidential waste is collected inside the cabinet within a strong sack that can be removed and sealed for safe disposal once full. Full-sized or Junior cabinet sizes available.

Secure wheelie bins : For safe on-site storage of confidential waste. Fully portable with an optional lock and A4 sized slot for larger documents. Several sizes of bins are available to suit your needs and office space / layout. Sizes from 120 litres to 1100 litres.

Secure lime confibin : A secure collection bin that has been designed to eliminate lifting risks. This bin is fire retardant to Class 2 specifications and holds 125 litres with a maximum capacity of 40kgs.

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What is off-site paper shredding?

While on-site secure paper shredding is an ideal solution for companies that have the available space on their premises to accommodate one of our mobile shredding vehicles, for those businesses that don't have space or any secure parking areas, then our off-site paper shredding service is an ideal solution for you.


How secure is off-site data shredding?

Restore Datashred take the security of your confidential data very seriously indeed. We are BS EN15713:2009 shredding standard accredited, so you can be rest assured that you will receive an offsite shredding service of the highest standard.

We can arrange for you to have a confidential paperwork collection. When your confidential waste is ready for collection, we will organise a pre-booked collection date with your company where our team of professional secure collection operatives will come out to your business to collect your confidentiacontainers. Our lockable mobile security bins will be collected and loaded onto our security vehicles and escorted back to one of our secure shredding centres.

All of our secure collection operatives are vetted, security cleared and fully trained. Our fleet of transport vehicles have GPS tracking so we know their location at all times while your sensitive data is in transit. Your confidential waste is constantly monitored and protected at all times, right from the moment it leaves your premises in our secured bins to the very moment the bins are opened and your waste is fed into our industrial strength shredding machines.


Shredding FAQs


Shredding ServicesIsn't our recycling company service good enough?

While it is very admirable to hire a recycling company for your business to help reduce your carbon footprint and keep recyclable materials out of the landfill, current Data Protection legislation (GDPR) means that a company has to do more to protect it's sensitive data than using a simple recycling service.

Most recycling companies will take your information away and hand-sort your paperwork to separate recyclable materials out. This means it could lead to a potential, accidental security breaches can happen should your confidential data get out.


We have an office shredder. Why would we need your services?

In the first instance, there is no audit trail to show your stakeholders when you use an Office Shredder (i.e. no proof of destruction).

While you may think your average office shredding machine will do a good enough job, it may not be able to keep up with your level of confidential data being produced. Your shredding machine may quickly burn out and will need replacing, sometimes quite often. It can be more cost-effective to outsource your data shredding to a professional company.

You also need to take into consideration the wasted manpower you allocate to your shredding duties. Diverting your staff from their duties to deal with your every-increasing mountain of confidential waste is not only time-consuming, but it doesn't help your company productivity levels or efficiencies. You can actually save a lot of money by employing a cost-effective data shredding service solution such as Restore Datashred.


Where does the shredded waste paper go?

Restore Datashred is a very ecologically minded company and we strive to reduce as much waste material as possible going to landfill and reuse waste materials wherever possible. We do this by recycling your shredded paper waste so it can go into making other useful products and materials.


Can you guarantee that my confidential waste has been destroyed?

Our industrial strength data shredding machines completely destroy your waste into tiny pieces so small that they could never be reassembled. Your confidential waste is completely supervised from collection to destruction. Once your data has been destroyed, we will issue you with an official Certificate of Destructions that details the date, time and destruction process. This confirms the end of your data trail for auditing purposes.


Can we trust your staff with our confidential data?

All of our Restore Datashred staff are fully vetted and trusted members of our team. We conduct thorough background checks, in accordance with BS 7858, on our secure collection operatives and data processing staff to ensure that you will only deal with dedicated and honest people.

All of our Restore Datashred staff are fully trained in current Data Protection legislation (GDPR) and fully understand how important it is to keep your confidential  materials safe and secure. Our regular staff training and updating of skills ensure that our staff keep abreast of the latest changes to legislation that affect businesses and how they manage their data.

Restore Datashred offer the following services to help keep your business data safe and secure:

·         onsite shredding

·         offsite shredding

·         hard drive & media destruction

·         Product destruction

·         Secure cabinets & recycling containers

·         Security sacks and ties

·         shredding products

Why not contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help your business manage its data in a responsible, secure and safe manner.