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How Restore's paper shredding services can help you in protecting your customer's information.

Paper shredding services from Restore are available to businesses to help them dispose of sensitive and confidential documents such as personal information that colleagues or clients have provided in confidence. Through offering our paper shredding services, we provide companies with the ability to securely dispose of the documents they no longer need, providing them with peace of mind about the secure and efficient disposal of their documents.

Why use our paper shredding services regularly?

You should ensure that you shred your sensitive documents or use our paper shredding services regularly to avoid personal and confidential information falling into the wrong hands. Identity fraud is an ever-present threat and in recent years, the focus has been on digital identities and criminals accessing online personal information. There are still those, however, who use more traditional means to gain access to other people's’ identities and that is by accessing information that may have been disposed of incorrectly.

By arranging regular or ad-hoc paper shredding services, and collections, it reduces the chances of stolen identities and information falling into the hands of criminals. 

What is involved in the paper shredding services?

There are a number of options involved in our paper shredding services and you can choose how you want your document shredding to take place. 

You can either have a shredding expert from Restore arrive on your premises where we will shred the relevant paperwork there and then in one of our mobile shredding vans. This gives our customers additional peace of mind because they get the chance to oversee the process.

You can also choose to have one of our team arrive and collect the documents and files you intend to have shredded. We will then transfer these files in sealed containers to one of our destruction and recycling centres where the paperwork will be shredded and then, once unrecognisable, will be disposed of.

We can also install secure containers on your premises, so that you can arrange regular collections. We will collect the containers, transfer them to our destruction centre and shred the files and paperwork within them.

With any of these processes, you will receive a certificate of recycling and then later on a certificate of destruction.

If you would like more information about Restore’s paper shredding services and would like to arrange a free audit where we can help advise you on what to shred, then contact us on: 0333 220 9650.