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Keep Your Data Secure with Restore Datashred Hard Drive Destruction
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Keep Your Data Secure with Restore Datashred Hard Drive Destruction

There is a lot to consider when choosing a hard drive destruction service for your business. While many companies promise a high standard of destruction, it can be difficult to know which company will meet your exact requirements.

When you are looking at choosing a company to work with, you need a service that will be able to guarantee that your computer hard drives and other electronic data storage devices will be completely destroyed so that absolutely zero data can be recovered from what is leftover from the destruction process.

First and foremost you should check the company history to make sure they have a good record of trustworthy data destruction and a robust environmental track record where all waste materials are recycled.

For example, Restore Datashred is a leading UK company that:

·         Are specialists in Paper, Media and Textile Destruction

·         Operate 12 shredding centres across the UK

·         Shred and recycle more than 100,000 tonnes of material annually

Why you need professional hard drive destruction services

Very few businesses need to use a hard drive destruction service frequently. However, when you do need to use this service, it helps to be able to access a secure shredding solution where you can choose to have the company come out to your business premises to perform your hard drive destruction.

When you are storing sensitive data on computer hard drives and other data storage devices, you don't want to risk having these devices sitting around for too long awaiting destruction.

You need to think about the security risks related to storing sensitive business, customer and staff information for longer than is absolutely necessary. The risk of data theft or suffering from a data breach will rise with the increasing amount of data you store and the length of time you keep this data.

With the new GDPR rules that came into force on the 25th May 2018, your business also needs to make sure that you securely dispose of your customer's confidential data more swiftly and efficiently than you may have needed to before.

Securely shredding your computer hard-drives on a regular basis is the best way to be safe from data breaches and identity theft.

Proof of data destruction

The best way to ensure that your hard drive destruction is handled properly is to have proof that this happens. With Restore Datashred you can choose to have your hard drives shredded on-site.

This means that you can personally witness the complete and utter destruction of your unwanted computer hard drives, data storage discs and USB sticks happen right in front of your eyes.

Once we have finished our complete shredding process, we will issue you with a signed and dated Certificate of Destruction which is your official documentation that confirms the final destruction of your sensitive data-bearing devices.

The certificate clarifies exactly what was destroyed, how and when it was destroyed, the reason for being destroyed and the certificate will bear the signature of the officer in charge of supervising the destruction.

You can use the Certificate of Destruction for company auditing purposes to show your company compliance with current Data Protection Act rules and regulations.

Choosing the most capable destruction service

Working with a company that has the speed and capability of destroying your business data is an important consideration.

Many less well-prepared data destruction companies will charge businesses on the time it takes for them to do the job rather than the quantity of data they are destroying.

The time it takes to destroy your data is crucial because you will want to hire a company that has the right advanced technology in place that is not only able to destroy your data but will also be able to do the job swiftly and effectively.

Choosing to work with Restore Datashred and use our secure on-site shredding services to dispose of your computer hard drives not only offers the instant proof you need of the destruction, but you can feel rest assured that you are not letting any of your sensitive data leave your premises intact and in a readable form that could be used for identity theft.

How our on-site shredding services work

When you need us to come out to you to shred your confidential data, whether that is in the form of paper documentation, digital hard drives and electronic data storage devices, or sensitive company branded goods such as uniforms and ID badges, our secure shredding procedures will ensure that all of your sensitive materials are correctly handled and destroyed.

Restore Datashred is the only UK service provider to have earned an 'Excellent' rating from Trustpilot. This means that you can trust that our confidential shredding service will be handled by our uniformed, security-checked officers.

Your computer hard drives will be shredded immediately, right in front of you by feeding your data containing devices directly into the jaws of one of our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles.

Our secure mobile shredding vehicles

Restore Datashred operate a fleet of cutting-edge-designed shredding vehicles that shred your confidential information to Government high-security standards.

Our vehicles are kitted out with industrial-strength shredding machines that can handle up to 5 hard drives a minute. This means that your hard-drive data destruction will happen very quickly and efficiently once our vehicle has arrived at your business premises.

We offer all of our business clients a friendly and very flexible service, so that means you can contact us to have your fully tailored hard drive destruction schedule planned out to happen at a convenient time to suit your needs.

Should your business have regular deliveries or dispatches that takes up valuable time slots that are critical to your business productivity, we can schedule our mobile shredding service to fit around your schedule, including weekends where applicable.

We can call at a time that will not delay or interfere with your normal delivery or dispatch routine or take up valuable loading/unloading space when you need it.

Improve your environmental performance

All UK businesses are under pressure from the Government to improve their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint.

By working with Restore Datashred you can boost your business’ environmental credentials greatly because we make sure that all of our business processes and shredding procedures are carefully monitored to reduce waste and keep our carbon production to an absolute minimum.

This means that we ensure that all waste produced by our shredding activities are all recycled. For example, all paper waste from our confidential paper shredding operations goes to one of our partners for recycling into new paper and tissue products.

The waste materials from your hard drive destruction will also be carefully sorted to separate and remove base metals and plastic material to be melted down and used again to make new computer components.

Restore Datashred also offer your company a suite of recycling reports showing you how you have worked to meet your environmental responsibilities. These will also feed in to wider CSR requirements which are forever increasing for companies operating in the UK.

Choosing the best hard drive destruction method

Every company will accumulate a lot of sensitive data as part of their everyday business activities. They have a duty of care to look after and protect their sensitive company data so the integrity of this data is very important.

When you consider that most businesses will have multiple desk-top computers, laptops and tablets holding a certain amount of confidential data at any one time – or contain the means to access sensitive data from the main company server – it makes sense that none of this data can be obtained by a criminal.

There are many different ways of destroying your company computer hard drives, but choosing the right method can be a difficult decision sometimes.

Degaussing, or magnetic destruction, is a popular option but doesn't always work or give you any visible proof of destruction. The magnetic shielding on newer disk drives is very powerful, so this method will not guarantee safety. Degaussing can also be harmful to people working close to the magnetic fields.

There are even cases of business owners taking it into their own hands to try to destroy their hard drives in-house, with varying degrees of success. These have included:

·         Hammering the hard drive: Taking a hammer and physically smashing it to pieces. This can be very dangerous because you can create pieces of flying metal and plastic that can cause harm.

·         Using a drill: Another DIY method is taking a power drill to the hard drive to fill it full of holes and hopefully rendering the drive unreadable. This has often failed in the past as criminals have still been able to lift sensitive data from the drive.

Yes, you can attempt to DIY your own hard drive disposal, but working with a company that specialises in hard drive destruction, such as Restore Datashred, is a much safer alternative.

Completely destroying this data by shredding the hard drives is by far the best way to keep your company safe from data breaches and identity theft.

The advantages of working with Restore Datashred for your hard drive destruction

There are many advantages you can benefit from by working with us to securely destroy your business hard drives. The most obvious benefit is preventing your company from suffering from a data breach or identity theft.

UK businesses lose billions of pounds to data theft – make sure you are not one of them!

Here are just a few benefits that your company can gain from working with us to securely destroy your company hard drives:

·         Avoid hefty fines from HMRC for suffering a data breach that could have been avoided through the proper disposal of your computer hard drives

·         Prevent your company from being sued by customers who have had their ID stolen from one of your old hard drives

·         Prevent your company R&D falling into the hands of your competitors

·         Stop your financial details being used for fraud

·         Witness the secure destruction of your hard drives in person

·         Receive a documented proof of destruction

Top tips from Restore Datashred regarding hard-drive destruction

Restore can handle your hard drive and media destruction including tech, USB sticks and more. Here are our top tips about storing and disposing of your company computer hard drives:

· Don't stockpile your company hard drives. Even if you store your old hard drives in a secure area like a locked storeroom or security cabinet, the information on them is still intact and usable by criminals.

· Don't perform your own DIY destruction. While you may be tempted to take a hammer to your old hard drives, there is no guarantee that you will be able to completely destroy all of the sensitive data they contain.

· Stay compliant with current Data Protection Act regulations. All professional businesses should be disposing of their sensitive data in accordance with Government requirements as set out in the Data Protection Act. Failing to comply can see your company pay heavily penalties or risk being closed down.

· Working with Restore Datashred, a professional destruction company will ensure that you're given a Certificate of Media Destruction for your own records. By using a fully-accredited data destruction company you will be ensuring that you are disposing of your sensitive data in a secure and approved manner. 

Contacting Restore Datashred for hard drive destruction

 Do not hesitate to call our friendly and professional team of data destruction experts to discuss how we can help securely dispose of your redundant company hard drives and keep your business compliant with your Data Protection Act requirements.

We can assess your needs and arrange for one of our mobile shredding vehicles to visit your business property. Our vehicles come fully equipped with industrial-strength hard drive shredders onboard to make quick work of shredding your sensitive data.

Restore Datashred offer a nationwide hard drive shredding service that can process up to 20 hard drives per minute. This means you can get a service that is much faster, more efficient and a lot safer than attempting to destroy your hard drives by yourself.

For us to shred your hard drives, they must be removed from their PC, laptop or server casing where they are housed.

We will take away your shredded materials for full recycling at our Datashred depot.

Give our friendly team a call on 0333 060 5519 or get a quick quote online for our services.