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Lionesses: genie's out of the bottle! - Restore Datashred
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Lionesses: genie's out of the bottle! - Restore Datashred

Following on from the Lionesses tense encounter against the USA last night – and with 11.7m viewers, it was the most popular sporting fixture on UK television so far this year – we’d like to talk bottles…

…that it takes a lot of bottle to go out and play for your team and country. 

…that, no matter what the cyber-pundits say, the England team are one of the best in the world and that no one bottled it.

…and that in this year’s tournament, the England team were just one of 14 wearing kit made from recycled plastic bottles! That’s right, 12 plastic bottles went into making each super-lightweight set; sets that were individually designed for each player, using heat mapping and body motion capture to help make the kit work with the way each of them moves. 

Manufacturer, Nike, claims to have diverted more than 5 billion plastic bottles from landfill since they started innovating with recycled polyesters in 2010, just one part of the strong sustainability and environmental threads of their corporate social governance. 

If a sustainable and environmentally conscious organisation is one of your business goals (ha!), Restore Datashred onsite and offsite shredding services can help you reach it. 

As a trusted shredding services provider to private and public sector organisations, we can completely and totally securely destroy the following types of products and then recycle them!

· Clothing – such as uniform, PPE, fake branded items and old stock
· Plastics – such as ID cards and passes, CDs, hard disk drives or USB sticks

It’s no surprise that all our processes of collection, transportation, destruction and certification are 100% compliant with the GDPR and DPA 2018 – handling your sensitive items and data securely is what we do, every day. 

One of our company goals is 0% landfill so we take our recycling responsibilities as seriously as you do – who knows, perhaps we could end up wearing to the gym or play sport in what were once our company products!

Now that’s a goal – such a shame the Lionesses couldn’t come up with a couple more… Better luck next time.

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