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Maintaining the integrity of your exam processes
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Maintaining the integrity of your exam processes

Exam season has been a little different this year

Challenging times.

They’re challenging times for the examining boards and committees, too. It takes from 18 months to two years to prepare an exam for a specific subject, with many hoops to jump through before final approval of each paper, whether written or multiple choice, some six months or so before the date of the exam.

Maintaining the integrity of these tests is essential. Leaks are bad for reputation and costly to rectify, which is why exam bodies choose high security printers and storage to ringfence the secrecy of their content.

In 2019, there were 5.2 million entries at GCSE level – with an average of two papers per subject, and eight or nine subjects taken by each student – and over 700,000 entries at A level – averaging three papers across three different subjects per student.

 So every year, regardless of specific student numbers, GCSEs and A levels represent a significant tonnage of paper to keep safe and secure. With the cancellation of 2020’s long-planned tests, a large proportion of those printed exam papers are now obsolete, taking up valuable space and costing money.

Just as you use high security, specialist printers to produce question and answer booklets and multiple-choice papers, we suggest you should also use a specialist data shredding expert who can shred all paper and any digital formats into tiny fragments and send them for recycling.

Reasons to shred obsolete exam papers

· Maintain security – uphold your organisation’s reputation and integrity, ensure there are no costly data breaches

· Address your space v cost concerns

· Take the environment into consideration.

Why choose Restore Datashred?

We are one of the UK’s market leaders in data shredding. We have a nationwide network of 12 high capacity shredding centres, more than 200 collection and mobile shredding vehicles and we shred 100,000 tonnes of materials a year.

Our size offers scale, flexibility and efficiency while, when it comes to service, our customer service teams make sure your security, confidentiality and peace of mind are their priorities. We provide a safe and secure solution for shredding materials that include all your paper documents and digital data.

And we offer choice:

· On-site services, if you are accessing your offices, this option offers you an immediate solution, with an enhanced level of security, where you can watch the contents of your confidential bins being tipped directly on to the blades of the shredder in one of our mobile shredding vehicles. There’s no gap in custody and you can see for yourself that no one unauthorised can view your exam papers.

· Off-site services are built to scale and are a really cost-effective solution. All collections are made by trained, COVID-safe operatives in tracked vehicles and are transported to the destruction centre local to you for same-day shredding. Once again, there’s no gap in custody, no room for a data breach, and there’s a certificate of destruction promptly provided for your records and your peace of mind.

Data protection

We are the final link in the chain of a professionally managed data cycle. It’s what we do, every day. We’ve made it our business to be GDPR and DPA 2018-compliant ourselves so that we can pass on our knowledge and experience to you in your need for a watertight data management cycle. We understand the legal aspects and we understand the pressure points of everyday business life, across public and private sector organisations of all sizes.

– We’ve worked hard to achieve ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 standards, and more, so you can trust our entire data handling process
– All our operatives undergo regular driver and technology training, are DBS-checked and work to the highest hygiene and safety standards
– All our vehicles are tracked by GPS
– Our online customer portal for round-the-clock authorised access for streamlined, secure account management
– Security checked entry at all our CCTV-monitored destruction centres
– Certificate of destruction promptly delivered after each shred.

We help you meet your corporate responsibilities
We are always working on ways to reduce our consumption, which means we can pass on the savings, and lower environmental impact, to you.

Recycling – we always aim for 0% landfill and send all shredded paper to be turned into recycled paper.
Fleet management – there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of our network of vehicles so they arrive on time and in the right place, every time. We ensure our focus is on: safer driving, more fuel-efficient driving, ‘greener’ driving and evolving customer service standards. Our FORS and Masternaut accreditations require constant telematics monitoring, driver assessment and environmentally aware good practice and route planning.
Restore Datashred’s Environmental Report – this innovative report shows the savings on water, CO2 and trees for each shred, and is a useful tool for you to use with your customers – both internal and external!

Why not give us a call to find out how we can help you reclaim space, save on costs and maintain the integrity of your work? One of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to talk through your needs on 0800 376 4422 or by visiting