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Make Secure Recycling Part easy With Our Secure Cabinets
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Make Secure Recycling Part easy With Our Secure Cabinets

You know how it is: you’ve got the offices looking clear, business-like, stylish even… And then you catch sight of the recycling area.

You also know that it’s a bedrock of data protection compliance to make sure all waste paper containing sensitive information, as well as branded goods such as ID cards, badges and more, are disposed of responsibly and securely.

How to merge form and function?

Never fear! Our secure cabinets can help you achieve and maintain the office environment and professionalism you want. Restore Datashred’s range is designed to fit in and suit any office, with the stylish cabinets incorporating a lock and an A4-sized slot, as well as a floor to prevent access to the contents inside. An interior sack held in place with clips collects all the materials. All the sizes are available in a number of colours, trims and door finishes to suit your style.

Easy to use, easy to keep tidy, these secure cabinets guarantee to keep your business waste secure until our regular collection for confidential disposal, either on- or off-site.

And we’ve made it even easier to get hold of these smooth operators by making them available in our online shop. Place your order here

What’s in the Restore store? As well as our secure cabinet range, we offer great prices on recycling sacks and recyclable shredding boxes. Plus, you can keep your end-to-end records management processes in tip-top GDPR condition by ordering Restore’s long-lasting FSC-approved flatpack archive boxes there, too. Simply click to find out more about our secure recycling options available.

And if you haven’t set up a regular collection contract with Datashred, find out more next week…