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Masternaut 2019
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Masternaut 2019

We’re delighted to announce that, for the second year running, we’ve been certified Gold by Masternaut due to our further reductions of fleet CO 2 emissions, placing us in the top 2% of fleet operators in the country.


Climate change is a threat to our planet and transportation is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. As European and UK regulations are reinforced to lower carbon emissions, companies have a key role to play to become compliant, demonstrate exemplary behaviour and shine a spotlight on this issue.


As part of Masternaut’s CO 2 Certification programme, 230,000 tonnes of CO 2 are saved each year by Masternaut customers. This is equivalent to 87,800,000 litres of fuel and a saving of approximately £113,262,000. Using telematics to measure our impact, and implement more environmentally considerate driving styles, we’re proud to have contributed to these impressive savings.


Restore Datashred’s Head of Fleet, Ian Walsh, says: “We have worked with Masternaut since around 2013, and every vehicle carries their telematics software that gives us clarity and control over driver information and behaviours. Armed with these technologies
we can constantly train and update our secure collection operatives in the most environmentally aware ways of driving, such as reducing speed and idling times. When added to our tracking of the freest flowing, shortest routes and analysis of fuel consumption, telematics become powerful tools in our aims of providing customer service excellence and environmental benefits.


“Not only have we reduced the average age of our fleet vehicles to just four years old but we’re changing the make-up of our fleet and collections patterns in response to 12, 24 and 36-month projects that analysed mileage versus capacity. Even though, on paper, our vans returned the best miles per gallon, with careful and smart route and collections planning, we know that capacity is king and so have started reducing our reliance on vans and have moved towards a 12-tonne chassis.


“We couldn’t have carried out this level of analytical detail without our partnership with Masternaut. The team there listens to, responds and delivers what we need, such as ensuring new vehicles are quickly rolled into our ongoing tracking project so that we can continue to reduce consumption and emissions and increase our drivers’ awareness and abilities. Thanks to weekly regular
reporting and feedback on all their devices installed with us, and great communications in general, I feel that we are working with the right professionals to help us meet our corporate social responsibilities, that Masternaut takes them as seriously as we do. In a fast-changing transport and fleet management environment, with new fuels and ways of powering vehicles to be considered, this inspires nothing but confidence.”


Masternaut’s Fleet CO 2 Certification has been independently verified by the Energy SavingTrust, a UK-based organisation with a mission to help people save energy every day. The Energy Saving Trust has conducted a limited assurance verification of Masternaut’s Fleet CO 2 Certification methodology and can give assurance on its accuracy as a measurement of CO 2 improvement.


You can find out more about the program here and learn more about Restore Datashred’s efforts to reduce CO 2 here.