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Never break the chain of custody
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Never break the chain of custody

Security, processes and trust are key components in building a fully functional chain of custody for your confidential data.

Having full trust in your data shredding supplier is a must in this era of increased data protection consciousness. For some businesses, a shredding truck and some CCTV cameras might appear to be enough. To build a gap-free chain of custody that eliminates all the risks of information falling into the wrong hands, even at the end of its life, here at Restore Datashred, we believe it means including the following:


· Building a deep working relationship with our customers so that we find out what it takes to please you and how we can tailor our services to your specific needs

· Sharing information about our processes and taking time to understand yours

· Ensuring Datashred employees are knowledgeable, passionate and well trained

· Taking into account elements such as time, location, neighbours, weight of traffic, the environment and quirks specific to your site – and building them into our collection schedules

· Maintaining a top-of-the-range fleet of vehicles for collections and on-site shredding operations

· Supplying security-conscious storage bins and cabinets for your confidential waste while it is still on site

· Working to internationally recognised security and management standards that should reassure you that all stages of collection, shredding and recycling are safe from unauthorised interference.

Building an unbroken chain of custody also means giving you the choice of where your shredding is carried out.

On-site services: if you have the space at your place, these offer you an immediate solution with an enhanced level of security. You can watch the contents of your lockable bins being tipped directly on to the blades of the shredder in one of our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles. There’s no gap in custody – the audit trail ends with a certificate of destruction – and you can see for yourself that no one unauthorised can get their hands on your confidential material.

Off-site services: are built to scale and are a cost effective solutions for large or regular collections. All collections are made by uniformed operatives in tracked vehicles and are transported to your local destruction centre for same-day shredding. Once again, there’s no gap in custody and there’s a certificate of destruction promptly provided to complete the audit trail and give peace of mind.

We won’t break the chain

Here at Restore Datashred we are the final link in the chain of a professionally managed data cycle. We’ve made it our business to be GDPR and DPA 2018-compliant so that we can pass on our knowledge and experience to you in your quest for a watertight chain of custody. We understand the legal aspects and we understand the pressure points of everyday office and business life, across public and private sector organisations of all sizes.

Securing the chain, at a glance
· knowledgeable, friendly customer services that take time to find out what you need
· secure, lockable on-site paper and media bins and cabinets

· on-site mobile shredding vehicles, including the brand new Shred-Tech MDX-3 with its vastly superior capabilities, where you can watch your material as it tips on to the shredder blades and is reduced to minute fragments in moments
· DBS-checked drivers and secure collection operatives
· high-security on-site entry protocols and round-the-clock CCTV and monitoring
· full electronic file and asset tracking, and electronic audit trails
· promptly supplied certificate of destruction after every shred
· ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
· ISO/IEC 14001 Environmental Management
· ISO/IEC 9001 Quality Management
· many other relevant industry accreditations and certifications

Find out more about our secure shredding processes, chain of custody and data protection benefits by speaking with a member of the team today by calling 0800 376 4422.