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New trucks on the block

Who’d have thought the arrival of new trucks would tick so many of our boxes? Environment, security, customer service – check, check, check!

We’ve recently had some new vehicles delivered and we’re pretty excited about them. The headline figure is that just three new trucks replace five older vehicles from our fleet, so how does that work? 

Well, firstly, the three new Rotopress trucks are all Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and Low Emission Zone (LEZ) compliant. This means that, as well as being able to go anywhere, including city-centre locations, they also produce far lower levels of harmful emissions such as nitrous oxides and sulphur dioxides. Secondly, following extensive route modelling using the latest fleet management technology, our new trucks on the block are exactly the right size for the job – meaning more efficient routes over fewer miles that consume less fuel and produce less pollution, reducing our overall CO2 emissions as a result. These key features ensure we as a business are contributing in line with our environmental obligations – something we are passionate about at Restore Datashred.

In addition to environmental kudos, the three new Rotopress vehicles enable us to guarantee an even higher level of off-site shredding security. This is through the construction of the trucks’ secure rotating drums that reduce manual handling and keep your confidential data safely away from prying eyes or light-fingered hands.  And, of course, as we’ve already mentioned, by modelling routes and collections on dedicated software, we are creating a more efficient service tailored to your needs, no matter where you are located. 

Last, but definitely not least, not only do our new fleet vehicles help us meet key company values, they also look fantastic! Our designers worked through a number of iterations before they hit upon the final, eye-catching version. The branding on these vehicles is a unique concept as it is visible throughout a full rotation of the shredding drum and its arresting design got us shortlisted at this year’s Motor Transport Awards. 

Why not call one of our friendly and well-informed customer service team to book a shred in one of these revolutionary Rotopress trucks and see form and function in perfect harmony for yourself? 

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