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Our Group corporate social responsibility story
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Our Group corporate social responsibility story

Social responsibility is huge in these extraordinary times.


From social distancing to our Thursday-night claps for the NHS, to streets forming tight-knit communities on social media and out on their front doorsteps, to those of us continuing to work through difficult circumstances and those who cannot – caring about what happens to our society is our number one priority.

Caring for the world and the people around us, more than simply focusing on the bottom line, is at the heart of what corporate social responsibility is all about. The Restore Group is absolutely committed to being good partners, colleagues and citizens, as well as conscious curators of Earth’s resources. All of our formal policies and informal actions demonstrate our strong Group values, which are:

  • Flexibility
  • Care
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Value for money
  • Good people

Each of these values underpins our triple-pronged approach to being responsible members of society, meaning that what we do is geared towards one of the three areas of Environment, Communities and People.

1. Environment

We are a major recycler and we are conscious of the impact we have on the environment. Our commitment, across the Group, is to send 0% to landfill and we go to great lengths to ensure this is met.

In 2017 we...

  • Shredded 80,000 tonnes of paper
  • Produced 505,000 paper bales for manufacture into paper products
  • Recycled 450,000 IT assets
  • Sent 1.2m cartridges for re-manufacturing
  • Recycled 1,330,000 cartridges

In turn, our Group’s services support our customers by helping you to:

  • Make more efficient use of office space and public service facilities by storing documents in remote premises

  • Speed up access to important stored documents through file tracking software and scan-on-demand services, while saving on vehicle journeys
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, for example by designing and implementing a digitisation programme whose aim is to radically reduce paper use, and increase your recycling targets so that none of your old documents find their way into landfill.
  • Access Restore Datashred’s online customer portal as it creates an environmental report that tells you how much paper you’ve recycled, how many trees you’ve saved from being felled, and how much water and energy you’ve saved, for each shredding transaction you make.

2. Communities

We care for the communities in which we work. With facilities the length and breadth of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, we offer local employment and are a good customer to surrounding businesses and the supply chain in the vicinity of our centres. We like to be good neighbours, too, minimising the impact of our buildings, structures and operational plant by reducing visibility and noise, keeping operations and traffic to the most efficient minimum through effective and sensitive scheduling.

Our Group employees are fully involved in the communities in which they live and work, contributing time, effort and money. From youth football team strips to street children in Tanzania, from local charities with special meaning to our teams, to national level charities such as Crisis at Christmas and Mencap, Restore people are constantly running, baking (and eating!), cycling, swimming, shaving their heads, playing golf – you name it – to raise funds and sponsorship for causes close to their hearts.

Another side of that community-focused effort is in volunteering, which we encourage our people to give time to, whether it’s participating in or volunteering at events for a range of approved charities. One such has been the planting of saplings at Heartwood, owned by the Woodland Trust. Helping replenish our woods and forests helps close the circle for a large-scale paper recycler such as Restore Datashred.

3. People

It takes a special type of person to work at the Restore Group. Along with our other core values, being good people to work with is crucial to our success and wellbeing as a business. Our dedicated customer services, business development and account management teams are all interested in you and your business and in working as partners to find new and efficient ways to help you streamline and make your systems more effective. Our frontline people are supported by knowledgeable, experienced file pickers, scanners, drivers, machine operators, removals teams and IT re-sales specialists – to name but a few of the many roles our Group encompasses.

In turn, employees can expect us to uphold our commitment to welfare and diversity, to supporting apprenticeships, training and development, to health and safety and to building confident, secure individuals who are empowered to give back to society in solo or group projects.


For more details about our socially responsible projects and aims, in particular around fleet management, please visit our dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility page