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Paper Shredding Taken Seriously
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Paper Shredding Taken Seriously

How paper shredding varies between shredding companies

Paper shredding quantity

Simply preparing paper documents to be ready for transportation to a secure depot, can sometimes be quite a demanding task. This is especially true if there is a lot of documentation to deal with.

With a less experienced company, having a lot of shredding and there being many bags or bins to be emptied, can cause a number of problems. It could result in a shredding company being physically unable to deal with the volume you need them to, or it could mean that they fail at shredding all of your paperwork to the required level.

However, Restore Datashred is able to cope with even large quantities of paper shredding. This makes us stand out from other companies who may only handle limited amounts. We always carry out shredding collections to the very best of our abilities, and act as unobtrusively as possible, so that you are not disturbed from the work you need to do.

Paper shredding frequency

We acknowledge that some shredding services don’t offer the flexibility that you require. If your business daily deals with a lot of client information in the form of paperwork, you will need a paper shredding company that will be able to keep up with this, and efficiently destroy the paper that you don’t need.

At Restore Datashred, we understand the industry and the processes within, and therefore the volume of paper shredding you may need to have done. We offer a variety of different solutions to suit our customers across different sectors. Whether you need a frequent recurring paper shredding service, or you would like to initially try a one-off paper shredding collection, we have flexible options.

Our weekly, fortnightly and four weekly services are particularly popular with our customers, and with regular services like these, we help you to save space and keep on top of your confidential paper shredding. Furthermore, we have shredding facilities in numerous locations, and happily complete shredding jobs for places all around the UK.

Paper shredding confidentiality

Any paper shredding company has to be diligent about GDPR and keep all confidential information in their care secure. We are very aware of this at Restore Datashred, and we actively find the best ways to conduct data disposal so that you can stay safe.

Measures such as our secure shredding consoles help to minimise the risk of records being stolen and help reduce corporate fraud. Additionally, our industry accreditations; demonstrate just how seriously we take the business of paper shredding. Personal and private information should always be handled with care, and we are always striving to operate legally, efficiently, and effectively.

Types of paper shredders

Two of the most well-known types of shredding options, include:

  • Strip-cut shredding: This common form of shredding is a fairly cheap option. It uses a device that cuts paper documentation into strips.
  • Cross-cut shredding: Although strip-cut shredding is common, cross-cut shredding is better for maintaining security. Sometimes known as “confetti-cut shredders”, these shredders cut paper into smaller pieces.

Other shredding options include:

  • Particle-cut shredding
  • Pierce-and-tear shredding
  • Micro-cut shredding
  • Disintegrators
  • Hammer mills

Our paper shredders

Having the right paper shredder is vital for effective paper shredding destruction. As noted above, there are various types of paper shredders available on the market. However, Restore Datashred choose to use even more specialised solutions.

Our high tech shredding vehicles help us to complete the most secure on-site shredding at your place of work. Our newest Shred-Tech MDX-3 mobile data shredding vehicle, ensures that we deal with our customers’ data in the best way possible.

Alternatively, our industrial paper shredders at our secure locations around the country are excellent at shredding paper into so many pieces that no information is able to be taken from them. Supported by CCTV monitoring and enhanced security at our sites, we can keep track of who is coming and going from our shredding premises.

Paper items that can be shredded

Restore Datashred can shred all types of everyday business documents such as:

  • Invoices
  • Bank Statements
  • Purchase Orders
  • HR Records
  • Data Collection Forms

Unlike some smaller shredders, all of Restore Datashred’s shredding machines function quickly to destroy documentation. As we have invested in creating such state of the art shredding machines, you don’t even have to remove things like staples, pins, and paperclips before putting your documentation into one of our consoles. Not having to spend tedious amounts of time removing these, allows you to have time working on other things. It also still allows us to carry out our job to a very high standard.

Experts at paper shredding

Amateur paper shredding

Shredding is a serious job and proper confidential document disposal is difficult to carry out. Although it might sound appealing to carry out your own confidential paper destruction, we really advise against it. It takes our vetted secure collection operatives a long time to learn about document safety, document security, and data destruction. However, they are dedicated to learning all they can about this field.

To put your business in the best possible position, we suggest using a specialist company (like Restore datashred) that offers its shredding services locally to you. This way, you can protect your company and avoid any mishaps that could occur if you try and do your own shredding.

Paper shredding that frees up your time

With a million things that could be happening in your office, or new business targets keeping you busy, we know that you don’t want your precious time to be filled up by thoughts about paper shredding. As paper shredding can be awfully time consuming, it is more easily handled when a shredding company is outsourced.

We think that every business should have the opportunity to use a good paper shredding company, like Restore Datashred. When you use our paper disposal services, you can trust our secure collection operatives to complete a satisfactory job every time.

Paper shredding risks

Failing to look after information in your possession could lead to fraud and identity theft. This is partly why keeping on top of your shredding with a trusted company, is a vital measure towards data security compliance. In this way, not only is paper shredding a convenient means of getting rid of unwanted material, it also helps with sticking to government guidelines about data protection.

Experts at hard drive shredding

More than just paper shredding

Some shredding companies only complete paper shredding. Although this is very important, there may be other things that you want to shred, too. Restore Datashred expertly carry out paper shredding, but our expertise doesn't end there.

Our hard drive shredding is another service that we offer. Deleting or erasing information might seem like a great first step towards being more secure, but this simply isn’t enough. By using a degaussing method, hard drives are wiped clean of material that could be accessed and utilised for wrongful purposes. Additionally, we can shred items, such as uniforms, ID badges, disks, and some other electrical equipment.

Hard drive shredding at work

With more people going paperless, and companies searching for new ways to preserve information in an easily storable and accessible manner, hard drives and other digital storage solutions are being used more often. This means that at some point, most offices will also want to get rid of these hard drives and similar electronic materials. This may be because the information is no longer relevant, or due to GDPR, the data needs to be destroyed.

Just like paper files, these devices can hold tons of information that should only be accessed by certain people. Although you may not have a similar visual sign to old paperwork building up, old hard drives need to be dealt with just as securely.

Keep electronic material safe

Even though you may have hard drives and media files locked away in a somewhat safe area, if someone does manage to get their hands on the material, they could have access to a whole range of sensitive material.

Hard drive shredding enables information on these devices to be completely destroyed. This means that you won’t be at risk of being the next victim of a cyber attack or an internet hack. At Restore Datashred, we follow procedures closely, to ensure that we remain a compliant member of the shredding community and destroy your electronic material when needed.

Paper shredding and hard drive shredding for a greener future

Our company is always trying to think ahead. This is why our movement towards a greener future is aided by our partnerships with trusted paper mills. You might think that paper shredding can be recycled in a standard recycling bin. However, this poses a security threat, as if the information is intercepted between the paper being put into the bin and it being recycled, confidential information could be exposed.

After our hard drive shredding, Restore Datashred also recycle the various components that are used in each drive. This is because we value each stage of our destruction process, and at each point want to act responsibly and with consideration to the environment. With more moves towards sustainability, our thorough processes ensure that we get the best results.

Restore take care of your paper shredding and hard drive shredding

Want to know if we can get to you? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that we can!

Our professional secure collection operatives travel to and from your location so that your paper shredding can be handled with ease and expertise. Not only does being local mean that we don’t have to travel too far to get to you, it also means that if you choose to use our off-site shredding services, you’ll know that we won’t have to travel to the other side of the country to simply shred and dispose of your data.

With us, you can be sure that your data destruction is always completed properly. We do this by having our uniformed secure collection operatives carry Restore Datashred ID, and by presenting you with a certificate of destruction once we have completed a job.

Whatever you might need to shred, Restore Datashred can help. We’ve assisted various types of public and private companies, and know that we are more than able to help you, too.

Contact us for paper shredding and hard drive shredding

If your company is looking to use one of the very best paper shredding services, just contact one of our shredding specialists today. We can figure out what sort of service you need and tell you about how our solutions can work around you to provide either regular or one-off shredding jobs.

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