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Putting Our Customers Centre Stage - Restore Datashred
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Putting Our Customers Centre Stage - Restore Datashred

We recently reported that we had achieved our first Net Promoter Score (NPS). To make the grade within this globally recognised scoring system, we asked a broad swath of our customers – you – to reply to a simple survey. This survey had as its premise the likelihood of your recommending Restore Datashred Shredding Services as a provider of secure confidential asset disposal.

Where anything above a 0 is considered ‘good’, we were delighted to be benchmarked at +43. This puts us on a par* with big industries such as construction and engineering, consumer services, financial services, insurance, and IT and software – all of whom have worked hard over a number of years to reach +40 or so as their NPS.

Ways in which these world-class businesses seek to keep their customers close range from improving transactions and processes to introducing loyalty programmes, harnessing technological innovations such as intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) to reduce claim times in the insurance world, offering a superior end-to-end customer experience and providing regular services that attract a discount

Like those world-class businesses who use their NPS to shape their overall business strategy, at Restore Datashred Shredding Services we are committed to continuing to do three things. We will:

1. Measure how well we are putting our customers at the heart of all we do.
2. Act swiftly on customer feedback.
3. Grow our business, and further improve customer service, based around what our customers tell us – a neat virtuous circle, don’t you think?

But how does this translate into our day-to-day business, into benefits for you?

The theory and good practice we commit to is all well and good, but we want you to know why you should pick us as your confidential shredder of choice!

As part of the ongoing NPS process, we immediately respond to negatives by speaking directly to you and finding solutions. Here’s what we do on an everyday basis to make sure we’re giving you our best.

  • We recruit the right people to manage our customer accounts. They are approachable, friendly and knowledgeable and are there at the end of the phone or online whenever you need them.
  • We get the right people and we keep on training them, ensuring we keep them in touch with the latest developments and innovations from the world of secure destruction.
  • We are the only UK shredding business to be accredited with the Institute of Customer Service’s ServiceMark, whose action plans and goals for continuous customer service improvement and innovation help underpin all our work with NPS.
  • To mark annual Customer Service Week, in 2017 we threw open the doors of one of our secure depots, giving the opportunity to valued customers to meet operatives, managers and the managing director, to ask questions and find out about our processes face-to-face and learn about innovations we have in the pipeline.
  • An innovation that will markedly improve speed and efficiency for our customers is the launch, this week, of our brand new customer portal. This online facility will give you immediate, round-the-clock access to your account, enabling viewing and editing, for example, of documents, collections bookings and certificates of destruction. Read more about our new customer portal next week…

For Restore Datashred Shredding Services, the only way is up. We have our sights set on improving our NPS score next year and we have set the wheels in motion to keep on making the grade. Watch this space!

Get in touch with us to find out more about the shredding options we can offer.

*Source: NPS 2018 Customer Gauge: NPS and CS Benchmark Report