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Recycling for the nation
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Recycling for the nation

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing all manner of gaps in supply chains, with the Recycling Association warning of an imminent shortage of the cardboard that’s needed to make food and medicine packaging. Here’s how recycling paper and cardboard, at work and at home, contributes at this time of pulling together.


There are concerns about a looming worldwide shortage of fibre. Fibre comes from used paper and cardboard and goes into manufacturing the cardboard boxes so essential in the distribution of food and medical supplies.

The shortage in the UK is not only because borders between European countries – Poland, for example, is a major supplier of fibre – are more difficult to negotiate. It’s also because more and more cardboard is going straight to landfill. This is because councils around the country are struggling to maintain regular domestic collections, while high street shutdowns mean retailers aren’t recycling packaging either.

Meanwhile, home deliveries are increasing and the fear is that, with a reduction in recycling bin collections, much of the fibre the recycling industry needs will end up in general rubbish bins. From there, all that fibre goes straight into landfill or incinerators.   

Whether you are working in an office or from home, we believe you can do your bit for the environment as well as help keep distribution lines open for vital supplies for hospitals and food providers alike by recycling as much paper and cardboard as possible.

Recycling from home

Home – if your council-run recycling collections are functioning, make sure you put out every last scrap of paper and cardboard box, even if it is time-consuming to fold and fit it in your allotted container.

Working from home – during the period of social distancing you will produce data – some on paper, other digital – at the same rate as ever. There are two issues at play here.

Firstly, the pressure is still on to keep confidential business information closely managed, compliant and moved on through its full lifecycle. Data security needs to remain one of your priorities – all the data protection legislation is still in place and we recommend you continue to adhere to it. This means that in your home working space (be it spare room, dining table, kitchen or garden shed), it should be kept safe from prying eyes and should be, ideally, sent for secure destruction on a regular basis.

Which leads to our second point. Your recycling bin is emphatically not the place for confidential data. Think of the amount of paper that is left fluttering round the neighbourhood on collection day, for anyone to see.

At Restore Datashred we prioritise two key points: the strict confidentiality of your data and a commitment to 0% landfill. Indeed, we are major recyclers on behalf of our customers, sending at least 80,000 tonnes of shredded paper bales a year to paper mills. If you continue to send your confidential information to be shredded you, too, are helping the recycling industry that needs paper and cardboard fibres in order to make boxes for essential and, indeed, life-saving supplies.

Here’s how we can help you recycle for the nation

1. Supplying paper sacks to homeworking team members, collecting recycling bins and cabinets from your workplace for on- or off-site shredding, and promptly emailing you a certificate of destruction to prove it. All carried out to strictly observed COVID-19 distancing requirements.

2. Our shredders produce large bales that we then dispatch to our paper recycling partners where they are pulped and used to manufacture paper and cardboard.

3. You can access, via your customer portal log-in, your personalised Environmental Report that shows how much water and CO2, and how many trees have been saved by shredding and recycling.

4. We help many businesses achieve higher recycling rates, year on year, which is great for the environment, a good message to pass on to your stakeholders and great for getting that all-important fibre into the recycling system.

It’s good to know that by keeping your business systems moving, you are helping the country keep moving.

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