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Restore Datashred - Now dispose securely and be Eco-Friendly
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Restore Datashred - Now dispose securely and be Eco-Friendly

Disposal of confidential data in a secure and eco-friendly way is vital in today’s society. There has been lots of recent coverage of how our environment is being negatively affected by the actions of humans, and little changes in what we do can help make a positive impact. Those little changes your business could take are ensuring any paper documents that you no longer need are recycled instead of just disposing of them like any other normal rubbish. It doesn’t need to be a big job to implement this, we can do it all for you! Restore Datashred ensures that all of our activities minimise waste and carbon production, helping you, our customers, achieve an improved environmental performance by recycling all shredded paper.

Eco-Friendly Data Disposal

Alongside helping the environment, using our shredding services also ensures that your business is GDPR compliant. We offer shredding services on your business site or we can securely transport them back to our destruction centres. Whatever method you choose, you will receive a certificate of destruction displaying the processes you took to dispose of your data securely. The process of destruction that your data takes can be completely tracked so you know exactly what stage your data is at, at any particular moment.

There are four main steps of the shredding process that Restore Datashred take for your on-site shredding:

  1.  A secure, locked container is delivered to your site.
  2. You can log on to our customer portal or call us to book the collection of the container with your data inside. A security-vetted operative will then arrive to collect your confidential waste.
  3. Your confidential waste is shredded on-site in a mobile shredding vehicle and then taken to our destruction centre.
  4. A Certificate of Destruction is provided and shredded paper is baled ready to be recycled.

At Restore Datashred, we can give you complete peace of mind when it comes to positively impacting our environment as well as ensuring your confidential data is GDPR compliant and disposed of securely. As well as being ISO 14001 and 9001 compliant, we can help make your paper disposal process as smooth as possible. Here we have listed the ways in which Restore Datashred can benefit your business as well as offering eco-friendly data disposal:

  • We retain all the records that you need eg. how many bags have been disposed and the serial numbers of the bags.
  • We provide you with a destruction certificate.
  • We retain your records for a period of 3 years.
  • Our team ensures complete security for every step of the process which can be tracked through our customer portal.
  • We dispose of your confidential data, whether it be paper records, digital media, uniforms, ID badges or other branded items, and make sure it is completely recycled so it cannot fall into the wrong hands.
  • Our mobile shredding vehicles are available 24 hours a day, thereby offering you complete flexibility to specify a service time that suits you.
  • We carry out the shredding either on site or off site as agreed.
  • We provide adequate safeguards against accidental loss, or disclosure of their contents.
  • We are BS EN15713:2009 shredding standard accredited.
  • Our range of office recycling solutions can also help you to further protect the environment, and meet your in-house environmental targets, by providing a suite of recycling reports and ensuring your business has the detail required to adhere to its environmental responsibility.
  • We shred to Government high security standards.
  • We ensure you are GDPR compliant when disposing of your confidential data.
  • We protect your reputation, your security and your data.

So there you have it, what better way to protect yourself as a business, as well as the environment around us. Restore Datashred’s eco-friendly shredding services gives you guilt free peace of mind. Read some of our testimonials here.

If you would be interested to learn more about Restore Datashred and the processes we take to make sure your data is disposed of securely and in an environmentally friendly way, get in touch with our team today or browse our website. If you would like to learn more about our ISO accreditations 14001 and 9001, you can read about them on the ISO website, you can also learn about our other accreditations here.

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