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Restore Datashred News

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New Look, Same Exceptional Service

You may have noticed that things have been changing a bit at Restore Datashred.

Don’t worry, we’ll still offer the same top-quality confidential document shredding services to customers up and down the UK. We’ll just look a little different when we do it.

The Restore Family Facelift

As you may or may not know, we’re part of Restore plc; an AIM-listed support services company providing services to offices and workplaces in the private and public sectors. 2018 is going to be an exciting year for all of our businesses, as we proudly introduce the new look and feel for the Restore brand.

Every part of the Restore family, from Restore Records Management and Restore Digital to Restore Harrow Green, Restore Technology and Restore Datashred, has been given a modern, consistent brand identity.

They each have their own distinctive icon but they also share the recognisable green Restore circle.

Now, all of Restore’s five core services not only provide the same exceptional service but also have the same contemporary design style.

What this means for Restore Datashred

We’ve got a brand new icon for Restore Datashred, as with each of the core services, we’ve taken the Restore circle and given it a specific brand colour. But our blue circle has also been transformed into the shape of a shredding blade.

Looking stylish on the streets

You’ll be able to see this new branding on our fleet of vehicles as they travel the highways and byways of the UK.

As well as our on-site shredding lorries you can see our branding in all its glory as it rotates on the drum of our new SAV.

Looking impressive online

We also have a shiny, new-look website.

Bringing together all of the Restore services under one roof, it offers clients across all of our businesses the opportunity to see just what we can offer.

As you’d expect, our Datashred section of the website offers insight into the world of shredding.

Visitors can get tips and advice from our blogs, see how we’ve helped businesses across the UK in our shredding case studies, explore the services and products we offer and find their nearest shredding centre.

As well as the new Restore website, we’ve also launched our own Restore online shop.

Featuring our storage and shredding solutions, it will give businesses the chance to order quickly and easily. Datashred customers can place orders for our two shredding products:

Confidential paper security sacks

Holding around 12.5kg of paper waste for shredding, the sack can be sealed shut so that its contents can be shredded without being opened.


Made from the latest corrugated materials, our new ShredBox™ is a durable, convenient and compliant desk-side solution for the destruction of confidential data.

The same but different

Despite the new look, the one thing that we can promise is that all Restore customers can expect the same level of exceptional service with a focus on attention to detail and diligent compliance.

We’re looking forward to a successful 2018 with our new-look brand, so keep an eye out for the Restore green circle and Datashred’s blue blade.

In the meantime, if we can help with your shredding services, get in touch today.