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School’s out! Time to shred.

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Now that it’s the summer holidays, staff and pupils from schools, colleges and universities are having a well-deserved rest.

But it’s worth remembering that, as a multitude of students move on from educational institutions across the UK, this means that there is an awful lot of personal information about them that will need to be disposed of. Using a reputable provider of confidential paper shredding services is one way to do this safely and easily.

Now that school’s out, we thought it was time to put together our guide on why it’s the best time to shred.

A valuable lesson for the education sector

It’s a legal requirement for educational institutions to ensure that all confidential information about pupils, students and premises is protected.

If this information isn’t disposed of correctly, this information could be misused and result in a sizeable fine.

What should you shred?

It’s important to know what documents require shredding in each department of a school, college or university. Here are the basics;

Educational Data

This relates to any information about pupils, students and staff, including medical details, family records, disciplinary records, staff reviews, etc.

Admin Data

This is likely to be banking information, internal reports, financial records, and all meeting minutes.

Executive Data

Relating to the management of the school, college or university, this will include budgets, legal contracts, and any reports and forms that are still held.

HR Data

The HR department will hold a lot of personal records about staff, including payroll, appraisals, health and safety, and training information

Procurement Data These documents are likely to be corporate records, purchase orders, supplier information, maintenance contracts and other sensitive data relating to tenders.

All of these documents will need to be disposed of safely and securely. But it’s not just paper that can be destroyed by a company with experience of shredding for schools colleges and universities.

Top of the class for more than just paper

Most large-scale shredding companies don't just shred paper, they can also shred clothing, ID cards, tapes, and also offer hard drive destruction.

The stat- of-the-art shredders that are now used also mean that admin or secretarial staff won’t have to remove staples and paper clips from documents, since everything will get shredded.

What to look for in a shredding company

It’s best to find a shredding company that can shred at your premises with a certificate of destruction. It would also be a benefit to the CSR of the school, college or university if they recycle 100% of the paper they process.

They’ll also need to be fully-accredited and meet the BS EN15713:2009 shredding standard with all staff BS7858 vetted.

The team at Restore Datashred are all of the above but we can also offer a plant-a-tree scheme for all schools. Plus, we’re proud to be the only shredding provider with the ServiceMark accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service.