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Secure Paper Shredding Services from Restore Datashred
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Secure Paper Shredding Services from Restore Datashred

The reason why you need to keep on top of your confidential data storage and disposal is to keep your company compliant with the rules and regulations surrounding the Data Protection Act and especially the latest GDPR updates.

Even in today's modern digital age many companies still produce a lot of paperwork that contains sensitive data such as customer information, employee records and other privileged information that need to be kept securely stored away and protected from the risks of a data breach happening, or ID fraudsters stealing your customer or staff personal details.

Your responsibility for keeping sensitive data safe

While the desire for most company owners is to operate a completely paper-free business, in reality their offices will still need to generate a certain amount of paper records of a sensitive nature that will eventually need to be securely disposed of once it reaches the end of it's useful life.

With every business in the UK storing confidential information on computer hard drives and digital storage devices as well as in paper format, they have a great responsibility to not only keep the data safe and secure while it remains of use to them, but also to ensure that it is properly disposed of once it is of no further use to their business.

Let’s take a look at the best options for safe and secure disposal of your business confidential waste, in whatever format you keep it stored in. Restore Datashred recommend the following solutions for managing your sensitive data disposal to help your company remain fully compliant with all current data protection laws.

Secure paper shredding options

Restore Datashred offer both on-site and off-site confidential paper shredding services. This means that we can either come out to your business premises to perform your secure paper shredding so you can watch the whole operation from beginning to the final destruction, or we can arrange with you to collect your confidential paper waste for off-site secure disposal.

The benefits of on-site secure paper shredding:

If your business premises can accommodate one or our secure mobile shredding vehicles, then you can put your mind at ease that your sensitive paper documentation will never leave your business premises intact.

You can witness for yourself the whole process of paper destruction right before your eyes. Our secure paper shredding process follows the highest of government recommended standards for proper destruction. All of our fully-vetted data security staff follow a strict procedure when handling your confidential paper waste and are never privy to any information contained in your documentation.

Once your confidential waste has been completely destroyed, you will be issued with a certificate of destruction that contains all the details of your secure destruction. This will give you proof of a permanent end for your confidential paperwork just in case your business is audited. Your paper trail will be complete with a permanent end that fully complies with government guidelines over data management and disposal.

The benefits of off-site secure paper shredding:

We understand that many business set-ups don't allow for much physical outdoor space where it would be easy or convenient for one of our mobile shredding vehicles to visit. In these cases, the next best option would be to book our secure off-site data shredding services.

The most obvious benefit of secure off-site shredding services is the convenience. You simply need to collect together your confidential waste paper and arrange for Restore Datashred to come and pick up your confidential waste at a time and date that suits you.

Our confidential data collection services follow a strict procedure and our services are operated by highly trained and fully-vetted security staff. Your confidential waste will be collected by our uniformed security officers and they will carry identification that clearly shows you that they work for Restore Datashred.

Your confidential waste will be picked up and transported to our secure off-site shredding facilities via a GPS tracked security vehicle, so you can be fully rest assured that we can track the every movement of your sensitive data while in transit to our secure destruction facilities.

Secure Cabinets & Recycling Containers

Regardless of whether you choose to use our on-site or off-site secure paper shredding services, your business will need a way to securely collect and protect your confidential paperwork between your scheduled shredding dates.

Luckily, Restore Datashred have a perfect solution for you here too! We can supply you with a range of different secure cabinets and recycling containers, depending on your individual business needs.

Every single day large volumes of paperwork is generated by UK offices. These can be in the form of letters, memos, reports, meeting minutes and financial data. This sort of sensitive data should never be left lying around the office to gather dust while waiting to be collected together for secure disposal. Leaving confidential paperwork on desks or in open view can leave your company wide open to data breaches and ID theft.

You should ensure that your staff have a secure way to dispose of confidential waste paper through the use of our secure cabinets and recycling containers. Using our secure cabinets and collection containers will not only help you to keep your office clean and clutter-free, but will also ensure that you are properly protecting your sensitive data according to the current data protection act regulations. Employing an effective recycling program in your offices can really help to achieve your data protection requirements as well as deliver many environmental benefits.

Your staff should also be fully briefed about their role in your company responsibilities for data protection and be encouraged to properly manage the paperwork they generate and dispose of it securely within the appropriate recycling containers.

Our secure cabinets and recycling containers are available in all shapes and sizes that can easily fit into most office layouts without being too intrusive. Our secure collection cabinets can be placed next to your regular office waste bins or close to where a lot of confidential waste paper may be generated, such as near your office printer or photocopier.

If you run a large office, then it could be more convenient for your staff to have something like our Junior security cabinets placed at regular intervals between office desks. These small secure disposal cabinets are designed to suit any office environment and incorporate a lock and slot for confidential paperwork. Confidential documents are collected inside the cabinet within a sack, which is held in place with clips. The junior cabinet is also ideal when space is limited in your office. The cabinets come in a variety of colours to suit most office colour schemes and environments, offering your staff a secure method of disposal for confidential data.

Secure sacks and ties

Restore Datashred are also here to help you with your confidential waste collection and management between your secure paper shredding dates. Your confidential waste bins can fill up quite quickly, so to ensure that your staff are not inconvenienced by experiencing a full recycling bin or secure cabinet, we can supply you with a variety of different security sacks and ties. Using these security sacks to collect and store your sensitive data between data disposal sessions are an ideal solution for managing your sensitive data on an ongoing basis.

Each sack can be made tamper-proof by securing it with a security tie. You can choose whether to use fully reusable or fully recyclable security sacks. Here are the main differences between the two:

Hessian shredding sacks

This heavy-duty sack comes with numbered security ties for audit trail purposes and, once full of paper waste, is easily moved swiftly and securely to our local depot for complete destruction of its contents.

Reusable sacks are manufactured from a heavy-duty poly woven material – what we call ‘hessian’, these are Sacks that can pass through the blades of our shredding machines, whether mobile or in our depot.

Security printed shredding sacks

Our security printed shredding paper sacks can hold around 12.5kg of confidential data for shredding and recycling. The beauty of this system is that, once the sack is full and sealed shut using a 3 way security seal, the whole item and its contents can be put into our shredders, without the sack having to be opened. This helps to prevent tampering.

Either way whichever security sack you choose, none of your confidential data will be exposed at any time during the destruction and disposal process.

You can have complete confidence in Restore Datashred services to securely dispose of your confidential paperwork. We have been running our cutting-edge services to top businesses throughout the UK for many years and only employ the most highly trained and trusted security staff with the job of looking after your confidential waste disposal.

Restore Datashred understand that business owners not only greatly benefit from our secure paper shredding services, but also enjoy the security of our other secure data disposal services too! We go beyond the essential management and security of disposing of your confidential paper waste, we are also trusted with many other forms of highly confidential and sensitive company data once it reaches the end of it's useful life.

Hard drive shredding and destruction

All companies that hold sensitive customer and staff information on their computer hard drives will need to ensure the safe destruction and disposal of their hard drives, especially when it comes the time to upgrade their company computer equipment.

Computer hardware, drives and digital storage devices cannot simply be dumped into regular waste collections or be sent to landfill. You have a legal responsibility to keep any sensitive data stored on these devices protected, even when the computer hardware is not longer needed by your company. This includes any broken down or damaged IT equipment that is capable of storing data.

Restore Datashred offer a fully comprehensive hard drive shredding and destruction service to help prevent any sensitive data stored on your devices from falling into the wrong hands. All data contained on hard drives and within digital storage devices can be permanently removed or destroyed completely so that no one can retrieve or lift any useful data for criminal activities.

There are two main ways of ensuring that all data is wiped or destroyed from your devices. These are through degaussing or complete physical disk destruction. The latter renders your disk drives and storage devices completely unusable because it will be thoroughly shredded into a fragmented format.

If you are at all concerned about leaving any traces of confidential data on your hard drives or digital storage devices, then physical destruction is the best method of protection for your company.

Some of the advantages of using Restore Datashred hard drive shredding includes:

  • Removing any chance of your data ever being recovered
  • Physically destroyed disks are impossible to be made functional again
  • Prevents the risk of having improperly discarded hard drives going to landfill


Hard drive shredding makes perfect sense for companies that plan to recycle, re-sell or donate their old computer hardware. Doing this will ensure that your sensitive data never falls into the wrong hands.

No matter whether you are looking for a trusted and reliable secure paper shredding service to safely dispose of your confidential paper waste, or you need to securely dispose of your old computer hard drives and data storage devices, Restore Datashred are here to help you!

Why not contact us today to discuss your secure paper shredding or hard drive destruction needs.

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