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Secure shredding for the accounting and financial sector

Secure document destruction is a vital part of any business that deals with personal data. But for businesses in the financial sector, it’s especially important.

When it comes to secure shredding for the accounting and financial sector, businesses need to be sure that they’ve found a company that can dispose of confidential documents safely, securely and compliantly.

Financial organisations have a huge responsibility to their customers to protect the personal information they hold, and are duty-bound to operate to strict privacy regulations.

The potential loss of sensitive, financial or personal information could have a devastating effect on an organisation’s reputation and future growth.

Here’s what businesses in the financial sector should look for when choosing a confidential paper shredding company.


1.Secure shredding

Unlike some other sectors, if a data protection breach occurs in the financial sector, the company will need to publicly disclose it, and inform the individuals or businesses affected. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has the authority to impose huge fines in the instance of non-compliance with data protection legislation.

An accredited secure document destruction company, will give you the peace of mind that all your redundant documents, data and information is professionally destroyed, securely and completely.


2.Compliant destruction

The correct accreditation is vital for ensuring that a shredding company is going to offer a service that is totally compliant with the legislative and professional obligations around data protection.

With the GDPR deadline approaching, both data controllers and data processers not only need to know how long they should keep confidential documents but also the correct and compliant way to dispose of them.

Accounting and finance companies should make sure that they partner with a company that provides secure shredding of all confidential paper documents and data.


3.First-class service

First-class service is a rare thing. So rare, in fact, that very few shredding providers can back up their claims to provide a secure document destruction service that is consistent and well-managed.

Look for a shredding company that’s been awarded the ServiceMark award from the Institute of Customer Service.

With mobile shredding vehicles and secure collection trucks, ask if the destruction of sensitive data will be carried out at your site or at a destruction centre.

It’s also worth finding out how many public and private organisations the business works with. For example, at Restore Datashred we serve over 40,000 companies.


4.Dedicated peace of mind

It’s important for businesses in the financial sector to feel confident that they can contact their secure shredding provider whenever they need to.

Make sure that they offer a dedicated account manager. Some companies will also give their customers access to an online customer service portal, allowing them to access invoices, documents, visit history and certificates of destruction.

Above all, make sure that it is possible to talk to someone in person with any issues you might have.


5.More than paper

It’s worth remembering that branded goods like ID cards and badges, uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) can also be used for fraudulent activity if they fell into the wrong hands.

A reputable secure shredding company should be also able to offer a destruction process for these items, ensuring that customers, clients and the general-public are protected.


If you’d like to find out how the experienced team at Restore Datashred has helped businesses in the financial sector dispose of their confidential data safely, compliantly and cost-effectively, contact us today.