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Shred On Site


We all know the importance of the disposal of sensitive information in a responsible and reliable way. For such information that is printed on paper, a reliable way to do this is to shred it. For a business with a small number of files and documents, an office shredder may suffice. However, if you are a business with a consistent growth of paper files that hold delicate information, the need to hire a shredding service may arise.



Restore offer such a service. We provide our customers with a number of options in order to deal with and manage their information and documents. These include a scanning service where you can transfer paper documents to a secure part of the cloud or archiving where you can have your physical documents stored in a secure location, freeing up your own work space without having to worry about the security of the documents.



However if you find you no longer need the information that is stored in various cabinets around your office, then why not hire our shredding service.



One of the options we offer customers is to shred on site:


If you wish for us to shred on site, we will send over our mobile shredding vehicle that will shred everything required on the premises. Once this is completed you will receive a certificate of destruction.

When your invoice for the shredding service is sent through, you will also receive a certificate of recycling.


With the option of shred on site, you can choose to make it a regular occurrence e.g. the end of each quarter. As legislation dictates the time you need to retain data in years you may find it helpful to have our mobile shredding unit dispose of the confidential information you no longer need at the end of each financial year.



If you feel that you may benefit from our shred on site service and want to find out more information about how you can request one, then call us on: 0333 220 9118 or email us at: