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Meet the Team – Tim Edwards

Welcome to our Meet the Team spot. This week we introduce you to another member of the Datashred team, Tim Edwards. This spot lets you find out more about his role and responsibilities as well as getting to know a little bit about him as a person.

Paper Shredding Taken Seriously

Paper shredding is not a new concept. However, due to the advanced methods and extra security taken around it, paper shredding as we now know it, is the best it has ever been. Whether onsite shredding, off-site shredding, confidential shredding, or general paper shredding, our company can deal with all things concerning paper destruction.

How to Prepare Your Office For Confidential Shredding

When you are busy running your own business or working in a large organisation you can sometimes be unaware about how much sensitive paperwork and stored data your business accumulates over time. Whether your data is in paper-based format or is digital information that you keep on hard drives, discs and USB stick storage, you are ultimately responsible for keeping all of the sensitive information from your customers or clients, business partners and employees safe from data breaches and identity thieves.