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The CCS Framework and shredding services


In order to provide our secure document shredding services to businesses across the UK, we have to meet certain requirements and accreditations.

When it comes to public sector organisations, there’s a specific process that must be adhered to.

We are lucky enough to be included on certain frameworks that allow us to offer our services to the public sector. One example being the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework.

What is the CCS framework?

The CCS is an executive agency and trading fund of the Cabinet Office of the UK Government responsible for improving government commercial and procurement activity.

Aimed at central and local government bodies, the framework is a one-stop-shop for any document management needs they might have.

How does it work?

Selecting from a multitude of suppliers that provide a full range of services, including document scanning, storage and shredding, users can pick and choose the services they want before going through a simple mini-tender process.

Since the framework has taken care of all of the due diligence relating to compliance and accreditations, the process is simple and straightforward for the user.

Anyone currently on the CCS framework can search for the most appropriate service provider. And if they have need for paper shredding, document or hard-drive destruction, the team at Restore Datashred will be able to enter into the tender process.

For any local or smaller public sector bodies that don’t currently use the framework, it’s well worth a look, especially with the onset of GDPR and the importance of due diligence when it comes to data security and the compliant destruction of sensitive documents.

The LUPC framework and Goldsmiths University

The CCS isn’t the only framework that we appear on. We’re also an approved supplier on the London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC) framework.

A not-for-profit buying organisation, the framework aims to provide higher education institutions with help in the procurement of goods and services, including document destruction.

Using the framework, Goldsmiths University approached us to improve their confidential data shredding.

What do we do for Goldsmith University?

Choosing our off-site shredding service, material from across the University comes together for collection from three sites before being securely disposed of at one of our shredding centres.

We provide the university with different sized wheelie bins to help students and staff dispose of materials correctly and easily.

Goldsmiths also receive an Environmental Report every 6 months which not only provides details of the collection dates and Duty of Care/Waste Transfer Notes for each bin, they also give statistics that relate to the environmental impact of the waste we collect.

You can find out more about how we’ve helped them in the Goldsmiths University Case Study.

If you’d like any help with shredding services for a public sector body or organisation, you’ll find us under Records and Information Management on the CCS framework and Confidential Waste on the LUPC framework.