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The impending UK cardboard crisis
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The impending UK cardboard crisis

The serious impact on food supplies and medical packaging


The COVID-19 pandemic is creating gaps in supply chains. The Recycling Association is warning of an imminent shortage of cardboard. This will affect food and medicine packaging.

The shortage is directly related to Councils' suspending regular recycling. Which in turn is increasing the amount of waste going into landfill.

The Recycling Association is predicting a worldwide shortage of fibre. This fibre usually comes from used paper and cardboard. Which is recycled and then used to manufacture cardboard boxes. These boxes are essential for food and medical supplies distribution.

The shortage in the UK is due to two factors. Borders between European countries – a major source of fibre – are more difficult to negotiate. But also because more and more cardboard is going into landfill. Councils around the country are suspending domestic collections. And high street shutdowns mean retailers aren’t recycling packaging either. The fear is, with home deliveries increasing, much of the fibre the recycling industry needs will end up in general rubbish bins. Where they go straight into landfill or incinerators.
In a fast-changing scenario, it feels like many systems and processes are up in the air. This is where Restore Datashred can step in and help you do your bit for the environment. Helping keep distribution lines open for vital supplies.

Firstly… The pressure is still on to keep confidential information closely managed. It still needs moving through its full lifecycle so that it a) does not take up valuable floor space, and b) is not seen by prying eyes. If your business is still operating during the pandemic you will produce data at the same rate as ever. But what should you do about keeping it confidential – does it mean your data security should change?
In short, no. You may be stretched, but data security needs to remain one of your priorities.
All data protection legislation – GDPR and DPA 2018 – is still in place. We recommend that all our customers continue to adhere to it. This means ensuring that your records management has no gaps for risk to creep in during its lifecycle. Ensuring that you send obsolete paper and digital records to be securely destroyed when required.
Secondly… At Restore Datashred we send 0% of your shredded data to landfill. We help the recycled paper industry by supplying at least 80,000 tonnes of shredded paper bales a year. So by continuing to send your confidential information to Datashred, you are helping the recycling industry. The UK needs paper and cardboard fibres in order to make boxes for essential and, indeed, life-saving supplies.

Helping businesses support each other and the supply chain industries

Here at Restore Datashred, we continue to run our data destruction business. All to the same ‘Excellent’ (Trustpilot) standards as we always do. Operating our fleet of high-security vehicles and destroying customer data on a daily basis. We’re doing this with additional and robust precautions built-in (see below). This reassures both our customers and our employee that we take your health, as well as your data security, very seriously.
Here’s what we can do to keep businesses moving:

  • We can supply our Datashred paper sacks to your teams working from home. They can fill them with obsolete paper and digital data on a regular basis.
  • We can continue to collect recycling bins and cabinets from your workplace. Either for on-the-spot shredding in one of our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. Or for shredding at the Restore Datashred facility nearest to you.
  • We will arrange a secure collection time observing all the COVID-19 distancing requirements.
  • We will promptly destroy all your confidential data. DataShred then sends you an emailed certificate of destruction for your records.
  • You can access, via your customer portal log-in, your personalised environmental report. This shows how much water has been saved. How much CO2 has not gone into the atmosphere. And how many trees have not been felled because you have chosen to dispose of your data responsibly.

Whatever your shredding needs during these extraordinary times, we are operating our business to the same high standards of security and confidentiality as ever. Now with all the added anti-viral precautions, you would expect from us. And it’s good to know that by keeping your business systems moving, you are helping the country keep moving.

For more information about tailored collections, why not speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team on 0800 376 4422.


Keeping you and our teams safe: COVID-19

We are working strictly within Government guidelines. Updating our procedures and processes to remain completely aligned with them. Here are the measures you can expect from us:

  • All our drivers maintain a 2m distance between while collecting from you. This continues when inside our shredding centres.
  • Our crews are only one person, until further notice.
  • No PDA signature is required. Our drivers will maintain their distance and ask for your initials to type into their device.
  • Where possible, please place filled sacks in a secure, central location for collection. This means our drivers do not have to unnecessarily walk on your floors.
  • Please help our driver to maintain the 2m physical distancing.
  • All our drivers wear appropriate PPE and use hand sanitisers regularly throughout the day.
  • Vehicles are disinfected every day.
  • Drivers’ starting times are staggered. This helps them maintain the 2m distance between colleagues.
  • To reduce non-essential travel, all our office-based employees are continuing to work and serve our customers from home.