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Tissue contamination
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Tissue contamination

Household rubbish being rejected and sent to landfill is increasing.


The amount of household rubbish being rejected for recycling in England has increased by 84% over the past four years, government figures show. One of the main issues we see at DataShred is tissue paper being put into confidential waste bins, which contaminate a whole batch due to be recycled.

Generally, these are the main items you should not put into your recycling bins:



The consequences of contamination:



With the current Coronavirus outbreak, it’s more important than ever that used tissues and kitchen roll go into your landfill bins. It will also protect waste and recycling teams and the people who sort the waste. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 then personal waste such as tissues, or disposable clean cloths, should be tied up in a plastic bag, and then placed in the normal, large bin bag. After setting these items aside for 72 hours, they can then go into your main rubbish bin for collection.