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What Makes Our Secure Document Shredding Service Secure?

You are looking to shred the documents in your office that you have digitised or no longer need, but you want it to be carried out securely. Which company do you choose?

Restore’s secure document shredding option will give you the peace of mind that your documents will be shredded securely and confidentially.
Secure Document Shredding
Here at Restore we offer a range of options under our shredding service.
We can come to your premises and shred the required files and paperwork there and then in your building. Clients who choose this option like having the peace of mind that it is all completed and taken care of straight away and that they have had the opportunity to oversee it.
Another option is that you can contact us and we will arrive at the premises to collect your documentation and load it into our secure vehicles to be transported in sealed containers to one of our environmentally friendly destruction centres and shredded until it is not recognisable and then recycled.
A third option is that we can provide your premises with secure containers which you can fill over time with documents you want shredded and then contact us to come and collect it. We will then transport it to the destruction centre for shredding and disposal.

What makes our service secure?

-The use of secure and sealed containers to store and transport your files until they are shredded at the destruction centre.

-We vet all our staff and an independent company tracks our vehicles through GPS. Our vehicles all have alarms and our driver’s seatbelt is fitted with an immobiliser.

-Our drivers provide you with a 3-piece docket that records the transaction and needs to be signed by both you and the driver. You and our driver both keep a copy of the docket.

-Once the documents are collected they are taken back to our secure destruction facility which has electric gates, alarms and CCTV cameras. Documents are shredded within 24 hours of collection in our 24 hour facility. You can request CCTV recordings of the destruction of your documents.

-Upon the destruction of your documents you will receive a certificate of confirmation with a reference number that corresponds to the docket that you were given upon collection. Restore will have a copy of this document to maintain a full audit trail.

These are some of the procedures that we have put into place to ensure that Restore’s secure document shredding is confidential and secure. If you would like to find out more about our secure document shredding service, then contact us today on: 0333 220 9636.