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Why shredding is good for both your security and CSR


In light of President Trump’s controversial decision to withdraw America from the Paris climate agreement, environmental concerns are in the papers once again.

It’s likely that they will also be at the forefront of many businesses’ corporate social responsibility strategies.

With this in mind, we’ll take a look at how the paper shredding services of a highly-accredited shredding company can not only keep you compliant with the latest regulations but also ensure that your organisation can be seen as an ethical, environmentally-aware business.

Why recycle?

Many years ago, this might have been a question that business owners would ask. Today, having a recycling programme is a fundamental part of most company’s corporate values.

In light of the fact that the UK produces upwards of 200 million metric tonnes of waste every year, a recycling strategy shows your customers, clients, partners and staff that you’re committed to a sustainable future.

Processing recycled materials reduces the amount of energy used in the production process. So shredding and recycling material has a positive knock-on effect. You’re also helping to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to operate ethically and legally, businesses now confirm and publish their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.

An organisation’s environmental credentials and sustainability strategy are often important aspects of their CSR policy document.

In fact, many businesses use this in their marketing, recruitment and PR to position themselves against competitors.

Shredding and CSR

For the most part, compliance with data protection legislation and securely disposing of confidential data tend to be the main reasons why organisations seek a regular shredding service.

But recycling sensitive documents after they’ve been shredded can also align with the environmental values of a company.

A reputable secure shredding company will ensure that all waste is not only disposed of safely but also reused responsibly. This allows businesses to build a strong CSR policy and proudly present themselves as sustainable, ethical and trustworthy.