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Why You Need a Regular Paper Shredding Service


Keeping your confidential business information safe is extremely important. It has been reported that the average cost of an information breach can cost in excess of £2.4M in lost customers, revenue, and fines in the UK each year. This is why your company needs to employ a regular paper shredding service to securely dispose of confidential business waste once it comes to the end of it's useful life.


Keeping confidential information safe


Confidential business information most often falls into the wrong hands because it is not handled correctly in-house. Businesses have a legal requirement to hold onto specific business records for a minimum of six years before they can dispose of it. Once your documentation reaches the end of it's useful life, it needs to be destroyed safely and securely. A lot of company files and paperwork expire each year, and to prevent it from cluttering up your office and taking up valuable workspace, it pays to have your expired paperwork securely shredded.

Many businesses in the past have not taken enough steps to ensure the safe disposal of expired documentation. It is a sad fact that many company owners and managers see their expired data as worthless, therefore they don't take appropriate steps to dispose of it in a secure manner. This has resulted in a substantial amount of expired company records being insecurely dumped rather than shredded and recycled.

You need to remember that even expired company paperwork can still contain very valuable information that can be utilised for criminal use. Personal information can be used to commit identity fraud and when traced back to the source of the information breach, can cause your business untold damage.


Confidential and secure shredding services


With Restore secure document shredding and destruction services, all of your expired paper documents can go into our fully tamper-proof containers where 100% of your paperwork is securely destroyed and recycled, leaving no trace of the original documentation. So, by having a regularly-scheduled shredding service from Restore, you’re not just protecting your company from data breaches, you are also keeping your current paper files and storage to manageable levels.


Onsite Shredding


Restore offer a very convenient on-site shredding service to our business clients. This means that we can bring our confidential shredding services directly to your business premises where we can perform safe, on-site destruction of your expired confidential data.

You can be rest assured that no company documentation will leave your business premises intact. With the threat of ID fraud being rife at the moment, it falls to business owners to ensure that they take every step possible to protect sensitive data past the end of it's useful life. Having on-site paper shredding services to dispose of your highly sensitive information makes perfect sense.


Restore Datashred Offsite shredding


Secure Offsite Shredding services offered by Restore are designed to give our clients a smooth and convenient paper shredding solution that can meet the individual needs of each organisation we work with. We are BS EN15713:2009 shredding standard accredited, so you can trust us to deliver you with a confidential shredding service that performs to the very highest of standards.

Our off-site shredding takes place at one of our secure disposal depots. We will collect our lockable mobile bins from your premises and transport them using our secured vehicles to their end destination where they are immediately disposed of through our cutting-edge shredding system. Your confidential data is supervised at all times, and is never left unsecured or unattended at any time throughout the whole disposal process.

To find out which of our secure paper shredding solution is best for you, contact us today so that we can discuss your needs.