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World Book Day: Recycling matters
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World Book Day: Recycling matters


So, on this World Book Day, where it’s claimed that parents probably spend more on kitting out their children in book character-related costumes than on actually buying a book – the original intention of the day – how about we spare a thought for the volume of raw materials that go into manufacturing books? 

We’ve done a bit of data crunching to work out, as a major paper recycler, some interesting stats around paper usage and books, and what it means for the environment.

· 1 tree = approximately 2,000 paperback books

· Average book length = 75 pages of A4, printed both sides and trimmed to finished dimensions

· 1 tonne of paper = 200,000 pieces of A4 = approximately 2666 paperback books

At Restore Datashred, in 2018 we shredded and sent for recycling 80,000 tonnes of paper.

If all that recycled tonnage were turned into paperback books, we would have produced enough paper for 150 million + books.

For perspective – last year, in the UK, the book publishing industry sold 191 million books – and that includes hardback, coffee table, as well as paperback.

Environmental savings
Not only is producing recycled paper better tree husbandry, it also uses a lot less water and energy in its production and throws out far fewer kilos of CO2 into Earth’s atmosphere.

Recycling matters.