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Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Document Scanning

We can provide one-off back-scanning, archive scanning, day-forward scanning or an ongoing document scanning solution

Document Scanning

Easy-to-use business solutions that provide compliance while saving you time and money

For Medical Records, Legal Contracts, Insurance Documentation, HR records or more, our experienced document scanning team have the capacity to convert a lot of paper documents in a wide range of formats. Whether you require one-off back-scanning, archive scanning, day-forward scanning or an ongoing document scanning solution, we offer a free, no obligation advice or on-site visit to discuss your needs.

  1. With a Document Scanning Service, Business information can be seamlessly and automatically accessed and integrated into systems and workflow.
  2. Proven savings regarding staff time and costs, including powerful search functionality, with our Document Scanning Service.
  3. Comprehensive rules can be applied to each document to control who can access, edit and dispose of it, with every action recorded.
  4. Automatic data capture negates human error and improves accuracy with Document Scanning.
  5. Secure document repository reduces physical risk while enhancing security, compliance and business continuity.

Once the job specification is agreed, we will collect your documents, prepare them for scanning and process them for you. Your scanned documents and images are efficiently indexed and delivered back to you in your desired format such as USB, CD / DVD, FTP, email or stored online.

Why choose us

So why choose Restore Digital?

As your document scanning service provider our document scanning services provide a hassle free and efficient way to digitise your paper documents, allowing you to retrieve business critical documents within seconds from anywhere.

  • Accredited to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and ISO27001:2013.
  • Our scanning bureau conforms to BIP008 best practice guidelines.
  • We can help you form part of an overall BS10008 solution.

Why choose us

Our document scanning services include:

  • Collection from anywhere in the UK using our own transport.
  • Preparation of documents (removing staples and unfolding corners).
  • Files scanned in black and white or colour, or a combination of both.
  • Digital file output to any required format, searchable OCR and PDF’s supplied at no extra charge.
  • Range of options for delivery of images including CD/DVD, encrypted hard drive or hosted.
  • Access to eView, our cloud based electronic data management system which offers a business process management tool.


Case study: Cardif Pinnacle

Our document scanning doubles claim entry speeds.

Cardif Pinnacle opted for an in-house document capture solution, designed and configured by our scanning and workflow experts. Incoming post is now scanned, indexed and automatically delivered into work queues based on the claim and document type. The forms are then opened and verified by the individual administrators from their own PCs. Finally, all verified scanned images are automatically delivered to Cardif Pinnacle’s proprietary CMS, ready for despatch to the client.

Document Scanning Sevices