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5 reasons to use document scanning as a print solution

Many Companies and Enterprises are looking to achieve cost reductions within their business, and many are turning to print management solutions to solve this. Document scanning not only helps to negate the IT challenge to reduce security risks and meet with standards and compliance, but document scanning can also help with employees working from home or travelling.

In fact, working with a document scanning company can save your business time and money whilst keeping it secure and compliant. 

Security and Compliance 

For most businesses, data security is essential, and many are bound by legal standards and compliance too meaning it's a needs must. Using a document scanning service helps Companies achieve security and compliance. When scanned documents are stored in a secure document management system, you know what is being copied or printed and by whom. 

Staff productivity 

Using a document scanning service and storing those documents securely means that your team members have remote access whenever it is needed. No more calling the office and waiting for an email to arrive, and for the company, no more sensitive documents sent over emails which are not always as protected we would like them to be. In addition, each document will be easier to find, a simple search as opposed to trawling through filing cabinets. Downtime waiting for documents to arrive is minimised when you scan and store your documents, and your team members may feel more productive and satisfied too. 

Decrease Waste 

More and more Companies are looking to eliminate waste, and we have already mentioned the time that can be wasted. But if you have your documents scanned, you do not need to print them saving money on paper and ink at the very least. 

Reduce Costs 

Of course you are saving money on ink and paper when you scan documents, and you are saving downtime too as previously mentioned. We have not mentioned however the cost saving on printer maintenance and additional down time when the printer gets jammed or the ink needs changing. Has your business ever looked at how much this costs? Chances are the answer is no, because it is an accepted part of office life. But it needn't be! 


Of course, with any document scanning service and document storage service there needs to be a level of support. Restore pride themselves on client retention based on our very high levels of customer service. We have many years of experience and are dedicated to ensuring you get the very best document scanning solution and follow up support for your business. 

To help you decide: 

We’re the largest, UK-owned, Document Management Company. Plc backed, we are fully accredited in terms of quality and compliance standards from Legal Admissibility, through to Secure Storage and a host of physical security and transport security standards. Click here to see how you can contact us or call 0844 725 5540 for help and advice.

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