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Ask for help with your procurement process

Restore are privileged to support 81% of NHS Trusts with various document management solutions. This has created vast experience across the group of the NHS procurement process, and how a Trust can successfully tender for a large digitisation project.

Money is available, whether through the Digital Exemplar programme, as a Fast Follower or the NHS Digital Funding scheme. However, that budget is still limited and being confident on ROI is essential. 

Therefore, commencing a procurement process that guarantees you receive the information you need to make the right decision. Plus, that elicits accurate and realistic pricing is a key priority of the tender process. 

We have created a series of blogs to support NHS Trusts embarking on a procurement process, to help make navigating the process that little bit easier.

Having as much information as possible ahead of going through a formal procurement process is key to success. NHS Trusts and your procurement teams should reach out to suppliers to help inform the tender process and ensure you have all the information you need to write the ITT.

Suppliers will be more than willing to meet with you, and there is no commitment that meeting ahead of a tender process means those suppliers are in a better position that a supplier who responds to your ITT that you haven’t met.

See scanning centres in action and fully understand the process so you can ask genuine questions within the tender about how your project will be delivered. This will make it easier to understand who will deliver the quality you are after.

Let suppliers see the patient records you want to scan and talk through the process so you can understand if your files are straight forward or whether additional preparation will be needed. Your aim is to get the most accurate price as possible, the more information you provide, the less assumptions the suppliers can make, hence the more accurate the pricing. Any assumptions will always default to the lowest cost option, even if it’s the less likely option, as the supplier will want to look like the most effective option.

Therefore, when suppliers come see the records, ask them questions, don’t just let them dictate the dialogue, and do these visits ahead of releasing the formal ITT, do it as part of a pre-market engagement. Then all the information can be added to the tender document, and limit pricing assumptions. 

If you are thinking of going out to tender for a scanning project, pick up the phone and ask Daniel our NHS Consultant for free help and advice. The more dialogue you have ahead of the formal tender process, the better position you will be in.


Daniel is our NHS Consultant, and he can come visit you for free, to discuss your project and the questions essential to getting the information you need to make the right decision for you and your patients. 


Daniel Stonard

Business Development Manager – Digital Solutions

07872 008 058


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