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Data and Security for remote and home working

Remote working or home working is increasingly popular. It provides flexibility for both the employer and employee. And at times of national crisis, like the COVID-19 outbreak, it is allowing organisations to continue working when the traditional office environment is shut.

Remote (& Homeworking)

What constitutes remote or homeworking?

  • Working from your home

  • Mobile working – working in various locations

  • Agile working – dividing time over multiple locations
  • Teleworking/computing – working in a place separate from the central office

Remote working doesn’t come without its challenges. The most striking challenge is around security for both the organisation and the individual. Employees might not realise the risks of having sensitive data in their possession outside the traditional workplace. They may not adopt the policies that the company has in place when the formality of the office is not around.

When setting up homeworking arrangements it is vital that appropriate training takes place. Data, document and IT security policies need reading and signing by the individuals. Some organisations have established registers for sensitive documents or data that might be moved or replicated from the office to a homeworking environment.

The best system here is to have all documents electronically. Saved in a system that will not only have access permissions for individuals but will log access and amendments. And also any attempted access to documents they are not permitted to view.

The register here is automatically generated. With much more detail than the manual tracking version mentioned above.

Secondly, homeworkers may live with people not employed by the same organisation. This means that sensitive information may be inadvertently shared with these people.

There may also be security issues around access. Are computers used by many members of the house. Homeworking must be on work assets that family members, housemates or friends cannot use. Again, clear policies around this must be distributed.

What home working policies should be in place?

When considering home working and remote working policies, consider:

  • What activities are permitted on remote or mobile devices – e.g. financial transactions, processing personal or sensitive data

  • Security and storage of documents – how documents should be stored, shared, disposed of etc. Ideally, you want all documents electronic for the most secure audit trail of activity
  • Keep work data on work computers. Don’t be tempted to log-in to work cloud-based systems on personal devices. Your IT Team will be running regular updates, antivirus scans and blocking malicious sites on your work computer. This security is not necessarily present on your personal computer


Risks created whilst working mobile

  • Screen savers with not obvious wallpapers, so anyone looking at the screen will find it harder to associate information with a specific company

  • Mobile conversations should not take place on the streets, and if they do, they must be discreet
  • Loss or theft of devices
  • Loss of credentials (usernames, passwords)
  • Tampering through malicious software
  • When in government, assets with a protective marking of CONFIDENTIAL or above should not be removed from the government premise. Electronic documents would mitigate many of the risks
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi, use personal hot spots to protect your data when out and about

Homeworking for teams of people

If you are trying to navigate homeworking for your teams speak to Restore Digital about DocuWare.

  • Secure information and workflows with a zero-compromise SaaS solution
  • Get complete document management and workflow automation via a true multitenant SaaS application and launch into new levels of productivity
  • Capture, centralize and process information without manual touch
  • Automate and accelerate business processes such as invoice processing, contract management or onboarding of new employees
  • Secure information and meet compliance mandates like HIPAA and GDPR
  • Support distributed and mobile teams with anywhere, anytime access
  • Move information between people and systems with tight integration to your ERP, CRM or other application

Getting secure access to files whilst working remotely

DocuWare Cloud is available with flexible licenses. For different company sizes on a subscription basis. Every subscription covers a full range of services. Including Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager, form creation and integration tools.

Minimise financial and technical hurdles with a secure, multitenant cloud environment. Rely on dependable solutions that protect your information. Grow with the success of your business and that employees love.

  • High cloud security
  • Highest security
  • Protect your documents and data
  • High-security data centres in the U.S. and EU
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • HTTPS communication only
  • Strict data separation
  • Highly scalable
  • Highest scalability
  • Support any shape and size team
  • Microsoft Azure platform
  • Multitenant architecture
  • Increase users and storage when you need
  • Integration and data exchange with other cloud applications and on-premises systems availability
  • Ensure business continuity at all times
  • Stable load distribution and performance adjustment
  • Continuous logging
  • Real-time security analysis
  • 24/7 monitoring and system support


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