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Essential questions NHS Trusts should ask in archive scanning tenders

Restore are privileged to support 75% of NHS Trusts with various document management solutions. This has created vast experience across the group of the NHS procurement process, and how a Trust can successfully tender for a large digitisation project.

Money is available, whether through the Digital Exemplar programme, as a Fast Follower or the NHS Digital Funding scheme. However, that budget is still limited and being confident on ROI is essential. 

Therefore, commencing a procurement process that guarantees you receive the information you need to make the right decision. Plus, that elicits accurate and realistic pricing is a key priority of the tender process. 

We have created a series of blogs to support NHS Trusts embarking on a procurement process, to help make navigating the process that little bit easier.

This blog works through some essential questions you should ask potential suppliers as part of an archive scanning tender, if you are an NHS Trust...

Standards & Certifications
A clear list of any standards or certification you want, and whether you want evidence by certification, or assurance they are adhered to.

Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Reassurance on the organisation’s business continuity and disaster recovery. Specify all the parts of the process you want the answer to cover, so you don’t get a vague, high level answer. For example,
o    Logistics
o    Collections
o    Storage
o    Scanning
o    Post scanning, hosting of images
o    Destruction

Understand the collection process, the booking in process, preparation and scanning. Are there specific requirements you want? DPI, colour, additional prep as the documents are fragile?

Quality Assurance
Understanding of the quality control and assurance process so you are confident when and how this occurs.

Audit Trail
Understanding of the full audit trail. How can you be confident every file can be located if needed urgently?

Security & Confidentiality
Security and confidentiality
o    Site security
o    Electronic data
o    Access to records
o    File storage

An overview of the destruction process, if needed, and how you can be confident in the process. Think about providing direction on areas such as:
o    Retention periods
o    Whether in-house or outsourced
o    Governance arrangements
o    Audit process
o    Certification

Understand the Project Management Process
Understanding of the Project management process, and the proposed project plan and timescales based on the information you provide in the ITT. How are you kept informed on the project on a regular basis?

Electronic File Return
Understanding of the options for returning the electronic files post scanning. Do you have a system it needs to be uploaded into? Or, do you want a variety of options?

Ask for three relevant cases studies, plus reference details for you to speak to these references. Ideally, other NHS Trusts who have embarked on a similar project. 

Daniel is our NHS Consultant, and he can come visit you for free, to discuss your project and the questions essential to getting the information you need to make the right decision for you and your patients. 


Daniel Stonard

Business Development Manager – Digital Solutions

07872 008 058


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