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How can Law Firms utilise emerging technologies to cut costs?

Pinpointing precise information from copious amounts of documentation is at the heart of all legal proceedings but can be an onerous task. Those law firms who are ahead of the game will already have found a more efficient solution than traditional filing methods, but for many there still needs to be a future-proof plan in place.


The costs of simply managing large amounts of documents can spiral quickly. Firstly, take into account the bulkiness of paper documents. It often takes a large office (with its associated costs) to house and archive the large quantity of paperwork that is accumulated daily. Secondly, physically searching through archived or current files can take many working hours.




Organising data and vital documents may seem like an enormous task, but legal firms who are working towards optimal efficiency can reap huge benefits from using an outsourced data scanning service. Professional scanning companies, like Restore Scan, offer a quick return on investment by being able to scan and digitise all possible physical information ranging from Post-it notes and colour images to the most complex legal files.


Technological advancements mean that the latest scanners are equipped with ultrasonic, double-feed and automated colour detection and image processing tools. Optical character recognition technology permits rapid scanning for keywords to pinpoint required information. In fact, the time saving capabilities of such a system mean that the thorough examination of an entire catalogue could be reduced to minutes rather than days.


Once key information has been digitised, a secure document management system can be put in place. Companies should look for a service which stores their most valuable asset – information – as a cloud-based resource that enables sharing and collaboration of vital documents, globally, 24-7. Accessibility is key to efficiency and the advantages of having securely hosted documents available anywhere in the world from laptop, tablet or phone cannot be underestimated, particularly if a number of people can benefit from access to the same information.




Document security is always a top priority for law firms. Fortunately, data digitisation by scanning is a cost-effective way of not only reducing reliance on document storage, freeing up space, and enabling quicker information retrieval, but also brings with it improved document security.


Reputable document management firms have expertise to share and their employees are enhanced DBS checked. They also use software compliant with UK Government security standards in terms of encryption and physical storage which allows firms to set access levels for employees sharing critically sensitive data online.


In order to make a quality transition from physical to digital, firms should find a provider with the same core qualities as the best legal practice - namely: thoroughness, precision and due diligence.  If they do, they will reap the rewards of staying up-to-date in today’s competitive, technology-driven world.


Paul Moonan is an experienced business leader who consistently inspires his teams to exceed expectations. He thrives on difficult challenges, turns around poor performing businesses and subsequently grows these businesses year on year. He is now the Managing Director for the scanning business at Restore Plc, an AIM listed and award winning support services company providing office services across the UK.


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