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Key Benefits of a Digital Mailroom for any Organisation

Restore's mailroom solutions allow you to capture, route and process information as soon as it enters your business. We merge channels (e.g. letters, emails, faxes) into one process, allowing the sorting and distribution of information to be a high-performing, automated workflow. We have worked with large corporations through to small SMEs, across many sectors, and all have benefited from Restore's ability to automate mail and information.

Restore are proud to have the largest fleet of IBML scanners in Europe which give us the ability to support any size of Digital Mailroom project.

Paper still plays an important role in most, if not all, businesses and our mailrooms help ensure they are not cumbersome in a digital world.


1.      Scanning and classifying

All physical documents are scanned and then with any electronic correspondence, are collated into one processing point.

Document recognition technology analyses the documents, looking for keywords and then classifies the individual documents.

2.      Data capture and validation

Relevant fields are captured, and the information validated against a master template that we have worked together to create.

Missing or inaccurate information is flagged for user verification.

3.      Entry into business process

The digital version of all documents are directed to the correct person or group.

Relevant data is incorporated into existing company systems (e.g. accounts, sales, customer services).

Benefits: Mailroom

  • Standard items are handled quickly with virtually no human intervention and minimal cost.
  • Exceptions are identified faster, so resolutions can be found quicker.
  • Risk of human error minimised.

Benefits: Managers

  • Mail is prioritised quickly and can be accessed anywhere, so business critical correspondence is dealt with immediately.
  • Confidential mail is unlikely to be misplaced, so data protection laws etc are always met.
  • Customer service improves, with response times shortening.
  • Workloads between onsite staff and subcontractors are easy to balance, even if they are based in different office or even countries, as mail is processed and accessed online.

Benefits: Finance

  • Reduce staff and overhead costs, with the option of pay on demand or centralised service charge.
  • The flexibility to expand the solution, if you wish to bring other back office services within the system.


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