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"Knock Knock"

Who's there ?

"Scan".....Scan who ?

"Of course you-Scan"

With Restore you can Store, Scan, Shred.

Importantly the integration of Document Control Services, now Restore-Scan provides proper joined up records management.


STORE.SCAN.SHRED;  these three Restore musketeers are 'debunking the myth' of scan versu store, its simple; customers are not the same, often at different stages in their archive life cycle, this needs smarter RM thinking.

The Document Handling Division of Restore is slicing its way through the mystery providing real advice and choice. Its always been about 'Customer wants and needs' not competing RM services.

Restore-Scan is launched at with some great new RM thinking: the SAPA - Online viewer makes document accessibility through 'the cloud' simple.

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