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Scanning documents into Word

Often, we get asked if it's possible to scan documents into Word. Needless to say, the answer is yes. There are however several ways to do this and it really depends whether you are looking to scan thousands of documents for a business requirement or you are an individual user with a smaller requirement for converting just a few documents.

Let's start with the business user who has a higher volume of documents. In this process it's all about the conversion stage to allow the document to become editable.

In the first instance the paper document is scanned and saved into a chosen file format - this could be PDF or TIFF for example. Although it's possible to open these in Word, they won't be editable and that is the problem that most people face.

To make these images editable and therefore Word friendly, another process is involved. The process is known as OCR or Optical Character Recognition.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Restore uses sophisticated recognition technology to identify the shapes of the letters and converts them into text which can be recognised and edited in Word.

Once converted from an image to a document, the documents can be edited and treated like any other Word document. OCR software is available from several different vendors. We use a very high end "OCR Engine" to convert our images - this guarantees consistency and most importnatly quality.

As an individual user the process is similar, but you'll be completing it on your home PC or laptop.

The best article we've found on this is on the MS Office Site (

The first step is once again to either scan your document and save the image. Just to note a photo from a camera phone is unlikely to work.

Once you have the image saved you'll need to convert it, and there are several software options for this. Some are free, but others will require payment.


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