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The Robots are Coming (Public Sector Whitepaper)

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is very much a hot topic. There is a growing consciousness around the technology's ability to revolutionise the way the public sector works.

Most news reports focus on the more visually exciting areas of robotics - such as robots looking and acing like humans. However, the reality of robotics and AI for our daily working life is unlikely to resemble a Hollywood film, but does have the potential to make our lives better, our organisations more agile, and our customers more satisfied.

Robotics and AI is adding real value across government and the wider public sector, proving that this revolution isn't something to be feared. Much like the industrial revolution, rather than causing job losses, it actually redeploys staff into more meaningful roles, where they are adding value, rather than simple administration.

Restore Digital have partnered with GovNews to create The Robots Are Coming, our exclusive and free-to-access whitepaper, exploring Robotics and AI in greater detail. Download today and discover:


  • How to accelerate the use of RPA to deliver real savings and service improvements
  • Will robots really cause large-scale unemployment?
  • Live and practical examples of robotics in practice
  • Industrial to robotic revolution - how will workplaces be reshaped?
  • How to get started on the robotic road


We are also offering you the opportunity to join us on our upcoming webinar to hear from the Head of Robotics and AI at the Cabinet Office, as well as the Head of Business Systems at Restore Digital as they discuss the topic in more detail. It's also a chance to ask them some questions and get some assistance.


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