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The Virtual Office

Trying to keep teams connected to maintain a company’s culture. While also maintaining productivity, when your team isn’t physically sat together.

Only four weeks ago this business model was for untraditional companies. Modern, forward-thinking companies. Ones eschewing the physical four walls that traditionally defines a business.

But now with the coronavirus crisis, things have changed. Most organisations are facing the challenge of building and managing the virtual office.

But how do we do it?

Don’t be afraid of the video

Once you get used to them, they are a great way of continuing connections. Feeling like you are all sat together when having a meeting. There are many options to choose from, but at Restore Digital we are enjoying Microsoft Teams. As well as video conferencing, we can create workstreams for sharing information and messaging each other. This prevents inbox overload. And allows people to dip into projects at set times. Rather than feeling dragged many ways at once.

Once you’ve got into the swing of them, they’ll become part of your normal working life, even once your back in your office.

1. Reduce Travel Costs

Besides direct costs, business trips can take a toll in lost productivity and lower morale.

2. Enhance Productivity

87% of steelworkers feel more connected to their team when using video.
Source: GigaOm Research

3. Improve Communications Across the Enterprise

75% of executives feel that "face-to-face" collaboration is critical to business success.
Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit

4. Increase Opportunities for Innovation

Reduce product development time by up to 25%. Brainstorm in the same "room" with a global talent set.
Source: CIO and Box report 

The Digital Mailroom

Physical post still enters most organisations. And for many, it still contains business-critical information. Whether it be customer forms, invoices or registration documents.

A basic digital mailroom will reroute your day’s post to Restore Digital. We’ll scan it and upload it into a secure cloud-based repository for your remote teams to access and process.

Digital mailrooms can also be much more sophisticated. With omnichannel mail, automated classification, indexing, and extraction. As well as AI and automated workflows. If you feel your organisation could benefit from a Digital Mailroom have a read of our brochure.

Digital Mailroom Brochure


Become Paperless

Without the temptation of the office printer, take the opportunity to try and work paperless. If you are processing invoices, don’t press print if it’s electronic! It may be difficult at first to change the way you work. But once into the rhythm, you’ll find that often paper process or the most ineffective and time-consuming.

EDRMS can help make paperless working easier. If you are interested in finding out more, have a read of our DocuWare brochure, and our Purchase2Pay brochures.

Digital Mailroom Brochure
Automating your P2P Process Brochure

Be flexible about hours

One of the great things about home working is that no one needs to open or lock up. If the job doesn’t need you to be present at a particular time, there’s no reason it shouldn’t suit the employee. For example, parents may love working very early. Or during the school day, and after bedtime, so they can see more of their kids. You’ll find this flexibility makes them much more appreciative and therefore effective at their jobs.

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